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Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand with Volunteering Solutions and explore the charisma of one of the most visited destinations in the world. Placements are provided in three dazzling cities of Thailand, each of which is special in its own way ; including Bangkok, Surin and Chiang Mai. Volunteering in Thailand is a great option for an affordable volunteer abroad experience. 

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and the gateway for the overseas travelers arriving in Thailand. This bustling city has everything that a traveler looks forward to; charming nightlife, delicious food, huge shopping arcades, and heart-melting hospitality. Volunteer programs offered in Bangkok include Childcare and kindergartens, Orphanage volunteering, Teaching English, Medical Internship, and more. 

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand region and a land with piousness spread all over. With lush green terrains as its backdrop, the region is dotted with a number of Buddhist temples and Wats. Volunteer programs offered in Chiang Mai include Childcare, Teaching, internship in Medical and Journalism, and volunteering at an elephant camp.

The third destination where VolSol offers volunteer programs in Thailand is Surin, also known as the ‘Elephant Capital of Thailand’.  The love and affection for elephants in Thailand is world famous, and Surin can be considered as the hub for it. One of the volunteer programs offered in Surin is dedicated for the welfare and conservation of elephants. Other volunteer opportunities in Surin include Summer volunteering, Teaching, Childcare, and Medical.

VolSol provides a comprehensive volunteering abroad experience in Thailand, like no other!

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