Best Countries for Medical Internships Abroad for Undergraduates 2024

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Everyone has a dream job, and there’s no secret to it. While my dream job is to travel the world, learn more about places and people, and blog about my adventures, for some people it’s working in the medical field, serving others for their well-being. After all, we can’t deny that there’s a tremendous sense of happiness (and accomplishment) linked to helping others heal from their ailments. Perhaps that’s the reason why doctors are valued so much in the society.

If you’re a medical or nursing student, you must be aware of the incredible benefits of an overseas medical internship program. Not only will it help you gain hands-on experience, broaden your clinical skills, and deepen your understanding of global healthcare systems. Experiencing diverse medical practices in different cultural settings will enhance adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and empathy toward patients from various backgrounds.

Volunteering Solutions will also ensure that every intern gets to contribute to the underprivileged communities, providing much-needed support and care. This is your golden opportunity, to travel abroad and work alongside professional doctors and healthcare staff.

Here are the best countries where you can travel and be a part of medical internship programs in 2024:


medical internship

Embarking on a medical internship in India will offer you a unique blend of cultural immersion and clinical learning. With its diverse healthcare landscape and bustling patient population, you’ll gain exposure to a wide range of medical conditions and treatment modalities.

If you join the Medical Internship in New Delhi, you’ll be working in a hospital, at one of the prime locations in the city. During your time at the hospital, you’ll be paired with a doctor, nurse, or medical professional. Your internship will primarily involve observation, shadowing, and providing basic assistance as needed. You’ll work within a full-service hospital that boasts excellent facilities and infrastructure for patient care and treatment. Through the observership program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge by closely observing the work of the medical and nursing teams. 

You can also join the Healthcare Internship Program in Jaipur, Rajasthan. If you’re a pre-medical, pre-nursing, medical, or nursing student looking to broaden your understanding of the Indian healthcare system, this is perfect for you. You’ll be working in a hospital in Jaipur, conveniently located within 5-8 km of your accommodation. These mid-range private hospitals boast 50-100 bed capacities and have dedicated teams of doctors and nurses. Hospital facilities include general wards for both genders, ICU, Labor room, CAT, and emergency departments, all equipped to provide adequate care to patients and serve as valuable learning environments for your internship experience.



If you’ve been thinking of traveling to the gorgeous Himalayan country in Asia, then now is the chance. Known as one of the most ‘Budget Friendly Countries’, this can be the ideal opportunity for you to travel and be a part of an internship program. As a part of the Medical Internship Program in Kathmandu, Nepal, you’ll be placed at local hospitals, both private and government, as well as medical clinics. Under the guidance of professional doctors and nursing staff, you’ll observe and learn about medical practices in Nepal, gaining valuable hands-on clinical experience.

This program provides you with a significant advantage over your peers back in college, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary for your future medical career. It’s the perfect opportunity for pre-medical and medical students seeking to gain invaluable experience in the healthcare system of Nepal.

Sri Lanka

medical internship in Sri lanka

Traveling to this tropical island to work is an achievement on its own! If you’re keen to soak in the sunshine and contribute meaningfully while interning under professionals, this is the perfect program for you! As a part of the internships in Sri Lanka, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience that will nurture your career and help you stay ahead of your peers.

The Medical Internship Program in Sri Lanka is designed for students currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a medical degree program. You’ll have access to a larger and wider network of professionals, a higher volume of patients, and exposure to a comprehensive set of wards and special units during your internship. Additionally, there’s a greater need for you to assist in the public sector, given the overwhelming number of patients, many of whom come from lower socio-economic classes.

Similarly, the Nursing Internship Program in Sri Lanka is for students currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a nursing degree program, with prior experience required. In both programs, you’ll have the option to rotate between different wards and units at public hospitals based on your interests. You’ll gain insight into Sri Lanka’s healthcare system and learn directly from local healthcare professionals while contributing to the facilities’ day-to-day operations.


médico Best Countries for Medical Internships

Hands down, this is the most popular medical internship program and we’ve hosted students from all across the world in Thailand.
Needless to say, Thailand has emerged as a medical hub for much of Asia, attracting Westerners seeking expert and affordable medical care in Asia. Renowned for its highly qualified doctors, staff, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, Thailand’s medical system is well-regarded globally.

As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Medical Internship Program in Chiang Mai. You’ll be paired with a full-time doctor, with no more than two interns assigned at any given time. Your primary role during the internship will be observation-based, shadowing your assigned doctor or nurse on daily rounds, consultations with patients, treatment administration, and operations. Patient safety and comfort are paramount, with each stage of observation carefully monitored and regulated. It’ll be a great learning journey for you, and you’ll also get ample opportunity to dive deeper into the culture and lifestyle of people living in Northern Thailand.


Best Countries for Medical Internships

Being a part of the Medical Internship Program in Ghana, you’ll get to work at public healthcare centers facing staff shortages compared to patient numbers. Despite government efforts to enhance primary healthcare services, Ghana’s large population remains a challenge. In rural areas, modern healthcare facilities are scarce, leading people to rely on traditional medicine or travel long distances for treatment. Your responsibilities will vary based on your knowledge and expertise. You will shadow professionals and assist in daily tasks across departments, from general medicine to specialized areas like emergency, dentistry, eye care, pediatrics, and maternity.


Medical Internship Abroad

If you’re a dentistry student, then be a part of the Dental Elective Internship in Peru and get the chance to acquire valuable knowledge and skills by collaborating with professional dentists. Your tasks will involve assisting dentists and sterilizing supplies, with hands-on tasks tailored to your medical and experience background. Daily routines may vary, but you’ll typically work 4-5 hours a day, leaving evenings and weekends free for travel and exploration. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in dentistry practice, expand your expertise, and discover the beauty of Peru during your free time.

No matter which country you choose to travel to, we can assure you that you’ll have a great learning journey and meet some amazing people from different parts of the world. There will be ample professional guidance, and an immense scope of peer learning too. Above all, you’ll get to explore a new country, make some amazing friends, and have a great time!

To know more about the medical internship opportunities, you can write to us at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will get back to you.

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