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This project is located in the Ecuadorian rainforest and works for rescuing, rehabilitating and when possible releasing animals back to their natural environment. 

The centre works in partnership with the Ecuadorian Environmental Police (UPMA) and the Ministry of Environment in the fight against the trafficking, abuse, capture and hunting of wild animals. This center is very organized and volunteers can help with caring for the animals and maintenance.

This project was founded in 2006 with the aim of protecting the wildlife of the Amazon region through the rescue and rehabilitation of local flora and fauna. The animals at the center have all been abused, neglected or abandoned. Some of the animals were orphaned when their parents were killed by hunters, others were rescued from animal dealers who were trying to traffic the animals out of the country and many have been retrieved from families who had kept these animals in captivity. Unfortunately the majority have suffered some sort of physical or psychological abuse.

There are currently at least 40 different species of animals at the center which include: Ocelot, tayra, capybara, parrots, monkeys, tortoises, and caimans amongst others.

The center is also open for tourists to visit, charging a small entrance fee that is the center’s only other source of income. As animal welfare is not a high priority for many Ecuadorians, the background and mistreatment of each animal is explained to tourists, with the idea to educate local and foreign visitors about animal protection issues. In general, the visits are not guided, but tourists can read about each animal on the information sign at the cages.

Volunteer Tasks in the Animal Rescue Center in Puyo

  • Day to day care of the animals
  • Cutting up fruit, preparation of diets, feeding the animals
  • Helping new arrivals adjust to the center
  • General maintenance and cleaning
  • Construction work; repairing and building new enclosures
  • Cage and enclosure enrichment
  • Assisting the vet when necessary
  • Other activities such as gardening, improving trails, making signs for visitors etc.

Volunteer Schedule at the Animal Rescue Center

Volunteers will work from 08.00 am to 12.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, volunteers work for a few hours in the morning as the animals still need feeding and looking after but once all the tasks are completed you are free for the weekend.

Ecuador Program Booking
Volunteers can begin their program on dates mentioned below.  Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive on the dates mentioned below.
Volunteering Solutions Ecuador Reviews
Quito, Ecuador
Laura Behrens

I liked my project very much. Volunteering in Quito with children was an unforgettable experience! Totally worth it! .

Quito, Ecuador
Doreen Thomson
(United Kingdom)

I enjoyed our day trip to the swimming pool with the kids and putting a smile on their faces everyday. I liked meeting the other people and seeing the background of a subject I had no experience. .

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Lottie Van der Hoeven Runge

The experience of doing volunteering work at the Galapagos was great, and from the first moment I came at the center I was part of it. The contact with my colleague and the children and their parents is something I will never forget. .

Quito, Ecuador
Sibyl Arbelo
(United States)

Your staff is extremely responsive and helpful. Overall it was a pleasure to work with the children. They are eager to learn English and I enjoyed seeing their smiling faces every day..

Quito, Ecuador
Kimberly Ann Walters
(United States)

I absolutely loved working at the orphanage. The nuns were wonderful and I truly feel it is a wonderful place for the kids. I would highly recommend this project to anyone. I do not want to leave..

Quito, Ecuador
Nitasha Dhiri
(United Kingdom)

The Organization was brilliant. Value for money and offers just as much as the other companies out there who charge double..

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