CAS Trips Abroad, Under 18's & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteering Solutions provides safe, guided and academically relevant volunteering, experiential learning and service learning trips for school students. Aimed at expanding learning beyond just the classrooms that transform students as ‘Global Citizens’ through diverse international field experiences, the trips are ideal for 14-17-year-olds. Carefully crafted keeping the ‘CAS’ module in mind, the CAS trips incorporate the triple component of Creativity, Activity, and Service. VolSol also takes pride in its ability to customize each travel experience based on the group needs and specifications. Our project design makes sure that each student gets a culturally immersive, ‘hands-on’ and an enriching international travel experience with our CAS based trips. 

Offered across more than 20 different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, the trips facilitated encompass a diverse range of opportunities that include Environmental Conservation and Nature Exploration Programs, Adventure, and Wildlife Programs, Cultural Exchange Programs as well as Global Exposure and Responsible Travel Programs. While the destination for each program and each group vary, our popular and preferred destinations include Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Tanzania, Peru, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Spain.

Volsol has facilitated trips for several high school groups some of which include:  

  • Universal American School, Dubai (Volunteered in Nepal)
  • Millennium High School - NY, USA (Ghana Spring Break Trip)
  • Canadian Bilingual School- Kuwait (Vietnam)
  • Abraham Lincoln High School (China Trip)
" I took a group of 10 students with me to Beijing, China. It was an amazing experience the students all loved it and want to go back next year. I had a great experience from beginning to end that was well coordinated and cost efficient through Volunteering Solutions. I couldn't be happier with my overall experience. The Program coordinator made sure we had a good balance of volunteer and personal time. She knew better than we did actually what we were going to be able to handle or not handle and was extremely helpful. We stayed in the hostel and they did an amazing job with our food - they made sure that it wasn't the same thing every day. it was well organized and they were really thoughtful. The staff was very helpful with helping to make sure we had what we needed from doing laundry to getting us a birthday cake to helping us figure out the subway. The orphanage was really great. We enjoyed ourselves and the school was great too. The experience got my students to speak Chinese quickly."

Natalie Rosenberg (Teacher and Group Leader from ALHS, USA)

Why Embark On A VolSol Learning Journey?

  • Exposure Beyond Classroom

    Opportunity to implement classroom lessons in practical situations.

  • World-class Learning Opportunities

    Travel to places and gain first-hand learning experience under the guidance of mentors.

  • Experience The Local Culture & Lifestyle

    Meet people and live life their way, to understand the beauty of diversity.

  • Exclusive Pre-Departure Knowledge Guide

    A brochure that would answer all your questions and enhance your understanding about the entire service learning journey.

  • Boost Creativity & Team Building Capacity

    Get exposed to real-world problems, and work as a team to find out solutions to them.

Sample Itineraries

Given below are some sample itineraries of different programs available for high school and youth groups. These are just a few examples of the amazing experiential service learning trips we offer for groups. All the itineraries can be fully customized depending on the group requirements. Scroll down the page below to send in your query for a group Quote and get in touch with our groups' team or write to us at [email protected], with a subject line “Service Learning Trips”  to get a customized itinerary for your school trip.

CAS Trips Abroad, High School & Under 18 Volunteer Abroad Programs

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