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Under 18's & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

High School years are very important in shaping one’s career and future goals, and volunteer traveling in this period would prove to be extremely beneficial. Volunteering Solutions understands the need for High School students to attend volunteering programs, and thus, we’ve provisions for customized projects meant essentially for those groups.

Since High School goers are mostly between the age of 16-19 years, they are mostly accompanied by teachers/supervisors.. This not only acts as a guidance, but also enhances their scope of learning.

VolSol has hosted several High School groups previously, and their experiences have been amazing. The youth got the real exposure by working with the natives of a different country. We have in-country coordinators to provide any kind of help to the groups, as per requirement.

Considering the fact that the group-folks would travel from another country, we would make sure that they can get ample time to explore the new destination and enjoy the local delicacies as well.

Any High School group should comprise of at least 5 volunteers. VolSol has 2-Week Special Programs, and groups can opt for those as well, if they have less time in hand. These provide a great volunteering opportunity abroad for High School students who can learn a lot.

High School & Teen Volunteering
Group from Universal American School in Kathmandu,Nepal

Let’s take a look at the reasons why High School students should take a volunteer trip abroad:
  • This is a great opportunity to travel to a different destination and explore the place with peer groups
  • Being with a supervisor would help them learn lessons beyond textbooks
  • They would acquire new skills like time management and adjusting in a new environment, while polishing their previous skills
  • They would get a clear idea about what they want to do in future, and which area suits their interest
  • It would broaden their horizon of knowledge and boost their CV/resume
  • A volunteering journey would make them more compassionate and calm

The most favorable volunteering destinations for High School students are: Thailand, Nepal, India, Tanzania, Peru, Ghana and Spain.

We have had High School Groups who volunteered with us earlier, and here are some of them:
  • Universal American School , Dubai (Volunteered in Nepal)
  • Millennium High School - NY, USA (Ghana Spring Break Trip - 2012)
  • Canadian Bilingual School- Kuwait (Vietnam 2014)

For Educational institutes with Experiential Education Curriculum, these trips are perfect to indulge in. 
Write to info@volunteeringsolutions.com, with a subject line “Service Learning Trips”  to take your High School Student Groups for exciting trips abroad.

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