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Volunteering Solutions gives its volunteers a great opportunity to learn the culture, history and language of the diverse city called Cusco “The land of the Incas”. This week is aimed to teach the volunteers all issues about culture, basic language and history about Cusco before they start their program in the field. You can choose to take part in this week program or go directly into the volunteer program.

This program starts on 1st & 3rd Monday of each month and is for 7 days. The program aims to give you true insight about Cusco, its culture, basic language, food, places to visit and things to do while you would spend your time in Peru. 
The program is held in Cusco “The land of the Incas” and volunteers also have a chance to visit the Wonderful sanctuary of Macchu Picchu (at an extra cost) on the 7th day of the program. 

Joining the Language and Orientation Week in Cusco is highly recommended for volunteers as you will get time to settle down and know more about the historic city of Cusco as well as improve your Spanish skills.

Sunday: (Arrival in Cusco & transfer to volunteer home accommodation) 
Day 1: Introduction to the Language & Cultural Program, safety issues, basic culture and history about Peru (more emphasis about Cusco). Furthermore, during this morning your coordinator will show you the city to be familiar with during your free time. Also learn details about your volunteering program in Cusco if you applied for that after this week. 
Day 2: Your coordinator will take you early in the morning to a village to visit local bakers.  You will take 3 hours of Spanish lessons in the afternoon and will learn about history, culture and traditional insight about Peru. 
Day 3: Spanish classes continue for 3 hours during the morning. Then, explore the local art & craft – artisans markets by yourself in the afternoon, followed with a Folklore Show dance at night.
Day 4: Discover more about Cusco - Go on a tour to Sacsayhuaman, Quenco, puca Pucara and Tambomachay´s most visited tourist spots. This would be full afternoon tour ending approximately at 19:00 hrs.
Day 5: Spanish lessons 3 hours during the morning, covering more words and vocabulary to help you in daily use. You have the afternoon and night free to explore the beautiful view of Cusco. 
Day 6: Discover the Sacred valley of the Incas - go on a guided tour to visit the beauty of Pisaq, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo ruins, with lunch in a traditional Inca restaurant.
Day 7: Get ready for your volunteering program the next day or choose to visit Macchu Picchu for a day trip at an extra $300 only per person.  
** This is a suggested, itinerary and is subject to change in order to comply with changes according to local conditions. The program cost does not include any monument entry fee.**
Note: - Volunteers need to get the Tourist Ticket to visit all these spots (bring your ID students and ISIC student cards) your coordinator would guide you about the best places to go and visit. 

Peru Program Booking
Volunteers need to arrive on the start dates mentioned below as per their choice of program.
Volunteering Solutions Peru Reviews
Cusco, Peru
Karime Rios Piedrahita

I had a great experience because there are so many kids and just one teacher, so they are always in need of our help. .

Cusco, Peru
Jessica Piller-Argent
(United Kingdom)

The highlight of my volunteering experience was the relationship I developed with the children at my project. The highlight of my trip was visiting Machu Picchu..

Cusco, Peru
Magdalena Schricker

I got to see many different treatments and procedures and how they were different from those in the United States. I had never been witness to a birth before this placement. The experience is priceless..

Cusco, Peru
Klára Wuttke

when a small child in the kindergarden ran to me and hugged me, when my pupils did not want to let me return home to Germany.

Cusco, Peru
Caroline Palla

I loved my project. I loved the kids and it is amazing how in such a short amount of time you get to care and love them so much. I loved the challenge of being in control of a whole class and creating the activities. .

Cusco, Peru
Julieta Caballero

At first the placement was a challenge so many kids playing around but once you adapt and get to know each other it was a very fulfilling activity. I felt at home while being miles away..

Cusco, Peru
Felix Lindo
(United States)

I really enjoyed working with the doctors and people at my project. The highlight of our volunteering was being able to live in a hospital and feel how doctors feel when taking care of a patient..

Cusco, Peru
Martina Grossi

This trip was one of the most meaningful experience I have ever had. It was great in the way that I could explore and witness a totally different culture and have a different vision about the world. .

Cusco, Peru
JinJoo Lee
(South Korea)

I loved the program placement as it was so nice. When I taught something to them. They always learned everything so fast and really enjoyed . They made me so happy. The highlight was spending time with the children..

Cusco, Peru
Carla Abuli

The program placement was amazing and its the best experience in my life. It was just perfect and I will go back to my home with loads of emotions that will be close to my heart forever. .

Cusco, Peru
Landon Kunzelman
(United States)

The pre departure booklet was very useful in helping me know what to bring and what to expect when I got to Cusco. I enjoyed getting to know the doctors and nurses and learning much from them. I had great hands on experience and made great friendships..

Cusco, Peru
Laia Borras

I enjoyed my experience at the placement very much. It is one of the best thing that I have done till now. I will return to my country with a big smile and a lot of memories in my heart..

Cusco, Peru
Shawn Khademi (USA)
(United States)

The Volunteering Solutions website was very organized and easy to use. I liked how our progress was constantly updated and we had constant communication with program coordinator if we were missing certain items. The pre departure booklet was laid out professionally and clearly..

Cusco, Peru
Matt Anderson (USA)
(United States)

I really liked my program placement and there were enough patients despite doctors strike and Obstetrics was busy enough too. I loved getting to know the staff and chatting with them. I got competent in giving shots, which I was a bit timid about before. .

Cusco, Peru
Amia Nash
(United States)

I enjoyed working at my placement. The staff was very kind and patient to explain things I observed and also got to do some hands on work the patients. I learned a lot about how the clinic works..

Cusco, Peru

I enjoyed working at the placement provided by Volunteering Solutions. The coordinator was very friendly, helpful and professional. .

Cusco, Peru
Hialy Gutierrez
(United States)

During my short tenure with Volunteering Solutions, I was able to rotate among many divisions within a community healthcare center..

Cusco, Peru
Omid Moshtaghi
(United States)

The program placement was fantastic and I had a great time. Everything was great about peru, the program, people, culture and hospital staff. I loved being here in Peru. .

Cusco, Peru
Andrea Gutierrez
(United States)

The placement was nice and it was a great experience helping children, teaching them English and some of them teaching me Spanish. The highlight of my volunteer experience was helping..

Cusco, Peru
Dora Stepan

I enjoyed working at my program placement and I also learned a lot from Peruvian culture. The highlight of my volunteering experience in Peru was to practice nursing in different culture. It is completely different from my country. .

Peru Program Cost
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