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Surin, Thailand
Lydia Loxton - Thailand Adventure Tour Program Review
Lydia Loxton
(United Kingdom)

Going to a temple to teach children during the day was fun. We played lots of games and as a group b...

Delhi, India
Stephanie Evans - India Volunteer Adventure Program Review
Stephanie Evans

I liked staying in the volunteer houses, it made it easy to get to know everyone, interacting with v...

Delhi, India
Rachel Strachan - India Adventure Tour Program Review
Rachel Strachan
(United Kingdom)

I really enjoyed my time on this trip whether it's volunteering with children in Delhi or working at...

Surin, Thailand
Yetunde Olaniyan - Thailand 2 Weeks Volunteer Travel Program Review
Yetunde Olaniyan
(United Kingdom)

The 2 week special was definitely good because you could spend each week doing a different project. ...

Tacloban, Philippines
Breanna Johns - Philippines Public Healthcare and Nutrition Program Review
Breanna Johns
(United States)

It's funny because you go into volunteering expecting to give, but in the end, you get more out of i...

Tacloban, Philippines
Orlando Palacios - Philippines Teaching Program Review
Orlando Palacios

At school the kids were so nice and so lovely, they relly enjoy having foreigners as teachers and th...

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Mami Kawaguchi - Tanzania Teaching English Program Review
Mami Kawaguchi
(United Kingdom)

It was my first experience to teach English and Math for foreign students. Firstly, I was very nervo...

Kathmandu, Nepal
Merle Siegrist - Nepal Teaching Program Review
Merle Siegrist

I think my participation was appreciated by the teachers and they were happy to have an internationa...

San Jose, Costa Rica
Jasjap Singh - Costa Rica Medical Volunteer program Review
Jasjap Singh

My friends and I had a blast working at our placement! Everyone was friendly and welcoming! Also, ha...

Rabat, Morocco
Naoka Kogure - Morocco Childcare Program Review
Naoka Kogure
(United Kingdom)

I really appreciate everything for this volunteering program. Volunteering at a nursery school was a...

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