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Volunteer in China

Welcome to the magnificient country of China. Volunteering Solutions offer placements in two of the major cities in China; Beijing (the capital) and Shanghai (the largest city of China). Volunteering in China is a great experience to learn about the ancient Chinese culture and lifestyle, while exploring the modern day wonders. 

It is a great platform for students on their gap year looking for volunteer opportunities in Asia. 

Beijing, the capital of China, offers a great mix of historical sites along with a series of outstanding modern day architectural work. Volunteers willing to work in Beijing can choose from three different volunteer programs dedicated for children; including, disabled care, teaching poor children, and childcare volunteering at orphanage. 

Shanghai, on the other hand, is the financial hub of China, marred with numerous global business skyscrapers. Volunteers joining Shanghai for volunteering in China will have the opportunity to work for the development of disabled children or can choose to teach at local kindergartens to provide basic education to underprivileged kids. 

Volunteering in China is a highly inspirational and wonderful experience of volunteering abroad, and a great opportunity for those who like to volunteer work with children. 

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