Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs
Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteering Solutions offers a wide range of wildlife and animal care volunteer abroad programs in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, etc. No matter whether you're keen to volunteer with elephants or spend time on the beaches protecting the Turtles - you're wildlife volunteering experience will turn out to be an incredible one! 

This program is a great way to volunteer with animals abroad as well as unwind yourself while spending some quality time amidst nature. Programs are available throughout the year, and you can choose the duration based on your convenience. Of course, the longer you stay, the better you can contribute.

If you want to work with elephants, head to Thailand or Sri Lanka or do your bit for marine life at the Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, people who have a penchant for living in the countryside and want to do their bit for the dwindling forest cover can work in the rainforests of Malaysia, Ecuador, and Australia amongst others. 

What are the responsibilities of wildlife, marine conservation, and animal care volunteer abroad programs?

  • You can learn about the habitation and living conditions of these animals and also look after them with the utmost care while volunteering with animals.
  • Participants will have the chance of working under professional conservationists and it’ll be an opportunity of a lifetime to learn the basics of wildlife conservation techniques.
  • As a part of the Marine Conservation Program, volunteers will have to clean the beaches, spread awareness related to the reduction of plastic usage, etc.

Wildlife & Animal Care Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

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