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Volunteer in China

Volunteer in China with Volunteering Solutions and gain a wonderful opportunity to experience the Chinese culture first hand and make a contribution in the lives of Chinese people. The wide varieties of projects that we offer are suitable for students, families and gap year travelers.
We offer our Volunteer Programs in Beijing , the capital of China as well as in Shanghai , which is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world. 

Volunteering Solutions offers volunteer programs in China in the areas of childcare, teaching/education and disabled care.

Our Volunteer in China programs are recommended for high school and university students taking a gap year or looking to do a short term volunteer program placement in China as well as for families volunteering together.

China Volunteer Projects 2013 - 2014

  • Orphanage Program in Beijing

    Orphanage Volunteer Program in Beijing - China

    Volunteers working in the Orphanage program in Beijing help in childcare and care giving work with the children. Volunteers role is to make the childrens lives at the orphanage more enjoyable and lend a helping hand to the staff. Besides assisting the staff in the daily chores, volunteers give love and individual attention to each child.

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  • Teaching in School for Poor Children in Beijing

    Volunteer in School for Poor Children in Beijing - China

    The project is a primary school for children from poor immigrant families working in Beijing. The school has limited resources and depends a lot on volunteers for support. Due to limited resources, the school authorities cannot afford to employ good English speaking teachers.Volunteers play a key role here by Teaching English to the students.

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  • Volunteer at Charity for Disabled in Beijing

    Volunteer with Charity for Disabled in Beijing - China

    Volunteers working in this program get an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and adults suffering from mental disabilities.Volunteers working in this program get an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and adults suffering from mental disabilities.

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  • English, French & German Teaching Program

    Teaching English, German and French in and around Shanghai

    Volunteer to teach English, French or German in Shanghai schools. The teaching is done in Kindergarten to high schools in and around Shanghai - China. Volunteering Solutions has this program available all year round, except during school holidays in China.

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  • Disabled Children Program in Shanghai

    Volunteer with Disabled Children in Shanghai

    Volunteer work with disabled children in Shanghai with Volunteering Solutions.Volunteers work in a centre for children suffering from celebral palsy. As a volunteer you can help in daily tasks and assist the staff in their work.This is a truly rewarding and challenging experience for the volunteers.

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