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Volunteer Abroad Programs 2014 - 2015

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteer overseas programs throughout the year in over 20 countries worldwide. We promise to deliver best value and most professionally delivered volunteer work abroad experience for you. Since 2006 Volunteering Solutions has provided great volunteering experience to over 7000 volunteers from around the world. With a vast variety of Volunteer Work Abroad Programs starting at only USD$200, you will always find a program that matches your needs.

Volunteering work gives a great opportunity to people to help and travel to explore different parts of the world. It has been a life changing experience for many volunteers in the past. Come on and explore the world while making an effort to make it a better place for many who live in it!

Volunteering Solutions is currently excepting applications for volunteer programs in 2014.

Why do people Volunteer Abroad?

There are endless reasons why people would want to volunteer abroad. You can simply choose to volunteer abroad, because you would like to visit a new country or explore a new culture. A lot of people think of it as an affordable way to see the world. There is more to volunteering abroad then simply traveling, it gives you a whole new perspective to life, while you are traveling abroad to help someone in need. Think of volunteering overseas as your chance to give something back to the society. Some people think, you cannot make a difference by participating in a volunteer abroad program for couple of weeks, we don't think so. Every little help is appreciated and it goes a long way in supporting the local NGO's and communities we work with. 

Personal Individual Development

Volunteering abroad gives you a whole you meaning to life, you look at life differently once you return back from you program abroad. It gives you a chance to understand local cultures and customs in a better way. You end up doing things you never imagined you would do in you life. You will come across new challenges and difficulties everyday as part of your trip and to overcome them and understand that you are capable of doing so much more is a great feeling. You are most likely to pick up a new language while on your trip, this could be very exciting as you could then choose to learn it even when you are back home.

Make friends for life

We always have volunteers from all over the world joining our programs. In the past we have had volunteers from over 50 countries take part in our international volunteer abroad programs. This allows you to make friends for life, with other like minded people who are participating in similar programs. During busy summer months we have over 30-40 volunteers joining programs every month, so you would never be alone and always find someone that interests you!

Volunteer Abroad to have a great addition to you CV

Some students do volunteering abroad, simply because it would give them extra marks or credit in college or university. We don't think this is bad, but you must not join a volunteer abroad program for the sheer motive of getting these credits from colleges or universities. You would join a volunteering program with an open mind and heart, help those who you have chosen to help and think of the credit as a bonus on your CV.

Volunteering Overseas for under 18's abroad

Are you 16 or 17 years old? and would still love to take part in a program abroad? We at Volunteering Solutions have programs suited to people under 18. These programs are monitored by our staff and they make sure they are safe and provide the best experience for the first time independent traveler abroad. The programs are designed to give you great volunteering experience and immersion in to local cultures abroad. Ask us for more details.

Volunteering Overseas as a family

Thinking of a family vacation? Why not choose to volunteer abroad as a family? This is a great way to bond as a family and give your kids the sense of helping people right from the start. Your children must be over the age of 4 to travel along with you. You can choose to bring children aged 4-15 years old along with you. While you volunteer as a family we would make sure you all stay together and work together on your chosen project.

You can volunteer abroad in the following destinations as a family:

India, Nepal, Thailand, Ghana, Peru, China, Tanzania, South Africa, Costa Rica, Honduras

Which volunteer projects are suitable for families?

We recommend families to take part in childcare, teaching programs. You can teach English, play with the children, help out in which ever way possible at an orphanage or work with street children to improve the quality of the lives. We can also customise the programs according to your families choice. The childcare programs would also allow your children to interact with local children and develop a sense of understanding and friendship.

Do you really think you can volunteer abroad for free?

For people for think they can volunteer abroad for free, need to think again. There is a lot of planning and work to do before you actually start your volunteering abroad trip. Weather you choose to do it yourself or through Volunteering Solutions, you would end up spending money on the trip. Everything costs money, including your flights, insurance, local accommodation, food, traveling, placement at an NGO and more.

You can choose to organise your own volunteer abroad program, but there would be no guarantee of work, a lot of hard work, 0 pre departure support, no one to guide you and you could end up wasting all your hard work and money for flights by going to a project that does not welcome you.

Volunteering Overseas through Volunteering Solutions

Why not leave the hassle of planning your volunteering abroad trip to us. Our affordable costs would make sure you do not end up paying for something that is not needed. You will join a well researched program abroad. With us you are paying for our expertise to send over 1500 volunteers abroad every year. We would prepare you for your trip well in advance, with a comprehensive Pre Departure booklet. We would be available a phone call away or by email to answer any questions that you might have. Once you are in country, there would be someone to take care and pick you up from the airport and you will enjoy our in country support from experienced staff and coordinators.