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Volunteer Abroad for Children, Childcare Volunteering Abroad

Working for the childcare volunteer program abroad is a highly challenging, yet one of the most rewarding volunteer abroad experience. Make the most of this opportunity in bringing about a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children; by providing them the love, care and affection that they deserve. VolSol offers a variety of volunteering abroad opportunities under childcare program; including orphanage volunteering, street children program, kindergartens volunteer projects, working at day care centers and volunteering at childcare development centres.

This program is highly recommended for, both, long term and short term period.
A basic list of volunteer tasks at the orphanage and the street children volunteer program includes;
  • Getting involved in the day to day operations of the centers
  • Help the children in their homework or informal education activities
  • Have meals with them and give them the much needed personal attention.
The age group of the children with which volunteers work varies in different countries and the final placement allocated to them. However, generally volunteers work with both infants as well as children in the age group of 4-13 year olds.

Childcare volunteer projects are available across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Most programs are available all year round, with flexible start dates and duration. Volunteers can choose to volunteer from one week to six months under these programs.
"I enjoyed my placement very much, It was challenging to start with but after a day I settled in. The children have changed my life and my outlook on life. Good food, accommodation was very clean, no complaints. Very welcoming staff, I would love to return in the future. Meeting all the children at the street children programme was the highlight of this volunteering trip. Golden Triangle weekend tour to Jaipur and Agra was excellent." Leanne Stoddart (United Kingdom) Delhi, India
Childcare Volunteer Abroad Project
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