Volunteer in South America

Volunteer in South America

Are you planning to travel and volunteer in South America in 2024 - 2025? Being a part of Volunteering Solutions in South America will be an incredible experience. With a wide range of volunteer programs across Peru, Costa Rica, and Ecuador - which are perfect for a mission trip or gap year abroad. Whether you want to explore the Amazon Rainforest, hike the Inca Trails, or work with tiny turtles on the beaches of Costa Rica, you'll find amazing opportunities here!

Volunteering Solutions provides various programs, including Childcare, Teaching, Healthcare, and Conservation. Additionally, there are 2-week special Voluntours that allow you to travel and explore while volunteering. Whether you are a high school or college student seeking meaningful work experience, or in your mid-20s looking for a career break, your volunteering journey in Latin America will be one of the best experiences of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore South America like never before and make a difference.

Why should you volunteer in South America with Volunteering Solutions?

Whether you are planning to experience a mission trip in South America or wish to go on a gap year abroad, Volunteering Solutions, as an internationally acclaimed and trusted organization, makes this seamless for you so that you can travel hassle-free and experience a meaningful volunteering journey. Our dedicated team will always be there to assist you while you're planning and booking, and even after that. Your airport pick-up, accommodation, food - everything is taken care of. Not only that, but there will be an in-country coordinator who will orient you about the place and tell you about the places you can visit during your stay, the food you should try, the activities you are supposed to do, and so on.


  • Meaningful volunteering opportunities all year round from 1 to 24 weeks
  • Volunteer programs in South America start at 495 USD for a week, including meals, accommodation, and airport pickup
  • Chance to work alongside professionals and gain first-hand work experience
  • Flexible booking and 24/7 in-country support are offered at every destination
  • Certificate of Completion is offered to every participant

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in South America

Volunteering in South America: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Where can I volunteer in South America?

Imagine the Amazon Rainforests or the ruins of Machchu Pichhu - we've it all covered for you! Currently, Volunteering Solutions has programs in some of the most popular (read, travel-friendly) destinations in South America:

What are the most popular volunteer opportunities in South America?

Volunteering Solutions offers some incredible and affordable projects in South America that are available throughout the year. The minimum duration to be a volunteer is 1 week and extends till 24 weeks. Participants can choose their duration as per convenience.

Currently, there are 10+ projects across the 3 countries, that are perfect for group volunteering abroad, family volunteering as well as mission trips. Let’s take a quick look at the projects so that it gets easier for you to choose:


We also have the short-term volunteer programs in South America, which are specially curated for those who wish to travel and volunteer abroad.

Group Volunteering Opportunities in South America:

Whether you're looking for high school or college group volunteering opportunities, or planning to travel abroad and volunteer with your family in Latin America, we have it all. Our projects are specially curated for groups wanting to make a difference. We offer a variety of projects, including Childcare and Teaching, Community Development, and Environment Conservation for group volunteering.

We also have 2-week special volunteer and travel programs, perfect for groups seeking a complete experience in a short time. These projects offer affordable options lasting from 1 to 24 weeks and include accommodation, meals, transportation, and tailored fieldwork to meet each group's needs, ensuring a comprehensive volunteering experience for everyone.

Medical Internship Opportunities in South America:

Premed, medical, and dental students can participate in internship projects in Peru to gain valuable international work experience. Interns are typically placed in hospitals and clinics where they shadow professional doctors, nurses, or dentists. Responsibilities are assigned based on their knowledge and experience level. Third and final year students often have the most responsibility for treating patients, while other interns assist the professionals.

What are the requirements to volunteer in South America?

  • You must be at least 17 years old when joining the project.
  • You should have an open mind and a flexible attitude towards working in a new environment.
  • You need to be open-minded, flexible, proactive, and enthusiastic to work with children (if you are joining programs like childcare, teaching, etc).
  • You must be a conscious and responsible traveler.
  • You must submit a clean criminal background check report before joining the program.

Is it safe to volunteer in South America?

Countries like Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador have become very popular among travelers and are known to be safe destinations. Most of our volunteering programs and mission trips in South America are located in these safe areas, where the people are warm and friendly. We also provide in-country support teams available 24/7 to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable volunteering experience.

How to volunteer in South America with Volunteering Solutions?

You can easily apply to volunteer in South America, by following a few simple steps. Once you have decided which program you wish to join, and in which destination, you can go ahead and fill out the application form here.

You will receive a welcome email from the team, acknowledging your application. We will then send your Booking Confirmation in 7-10 working days. Once you receive your Booking Confirmation you can log into your account to view your trip details and make your final payments.

If you can’t decide which program to join, or where to travel, you can always write to us at - and our Program Advisors will assist you.


What do our past volunteers say?

"I stayed in Cusco with a lovely Peruvian family. Gloria was my host mum, Reese, my host father and their two children, Luis, and Laura. My placement involved traveling to the outskirts of the city to help at a kindergarten. The kindergarten itself was a very small room and in one day could have as much as 30 children, ages 3-5, attend. My duties included marking and preparing homework, helping the children with their work, playing games with the children and generally helping the teacher take care of the class. While I was volunteering at the kindergarten the class was also preparing for a parade so I was also involved in leading the class through a marching routine outside and supervising the children.” – Jordan from Scotland, Volunteer in Peru


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