Volunteer in South America with Volunteering Solutions

Volunteer in South America with Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering in Latin America will be an absolutely incredible experience and Volunteering Solutions has lined up a plethora of programs across Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Brazil. Whether it's the Amazon Rainforests that you wish to explore or hike along the Inca Trails or work with the tiny turtles on the beaches of Costa Rica - you'll find all good things here!

Vol Sol offers Childcare Programs, Teaching Programs, Healthcare Programs, Conservation Programs etc., in the countries mentioned above. Apart from that, there are 2 Weeks Special Voluntours which would enable you to travel and explore while volunteering. No matter whether you are a high school or college student looking forward to a meaningful work experience or someone in the mid-20s, looking for a career break - your volunteering journey in Latin America will turn out to be one of the best experiences of your life. 

South America Volunteer Abroad Project

Spanish Immersion Week Costa Rica

Spanish Immersion Week

Join the Spanish Immersion Week in Costa Rica and get to improve your Spanish skills and also live like a local from taking dancing lessons to...

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Language & Orientation Week Cusco - Peru

Language & Orientation Week

Volunteering Solutions gives its volunteers a great opportunity to learn the culture, history and language of the diverse city called Cusco “The...

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Women Empowerment Volunteering Program

Women Empowerment Program

Be a part of the Women Empowerment Volunteering Program in Argentina and Contribute towards meaningful and sustainable women’s empowerment...

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Sports Coaching Volunteer Program in Argentina

Sports Coaching Program

Join the Sports Coaching Volunteer Program in Argentina and teach little ones, the tricks, and hacks of sports and fitness. This would be an...

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Soccer Coaching Volunteer Program in Ecuador

Soccer Coaching at Sports Club

This project aims to empower the local youth of Quito through Soccer. As the name suggests, volunteers under this project have to train the...

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Volunteer in Peru - Cusco For Disabled Care

Volunteer with Disabled Children

Volunteer with disabled children in Cusco - Peru to work in a local school for mentally challenged and deaf students, teaching the kids, playing...

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Art & Culture Volunteering Program in Argentina

Art & Culture Program

If you are an art lover, then you can opt to be a part of the Art and Culture Program in Argentina. Gain experiences worth a lifetime and make a...

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Urban Gardening Volunteering Program in Brazil

Urban Gardening

Learn more about tropical urban gardening and help the local favela community in understanding the necessity of this. You'll also have to work in...

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Manual Labour Volunteer Project in Brazil

Manual Labour Project

If you wish to get your hands dirty and do some hard work for ensuring a better life for the underprivileged people living in the favela, then you...

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Volunteer in Costa Rica with Turtles

Turtle Conservation Program

Join the exciting Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Program in Costa Rica, work with turtles to help conserve their habitat and their receding...

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Volunteer in Costa Rica At Wildlife & Rescue Center

Wildlife & Rescue Center Volunteering

Take up Volunteer work for conserving the wildlife in Costa Rica, explore the rich biodiversity of the country and explore its eco-reserves, work...

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Hippotherapy Volunteer Program in Argentina

Hippotherapy Volunteer Program

Hippotherapy literally means "treatment with the help of the horse" from the Greek word, "hippos" meaning horse. Specially trained physical and...

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Volunteer in Amazon Animal Rescue Center

Amazon Animal Rescue Center Project

Volunteers in this project work at an animal rescue center in Amazon region and help in taking care of animals as well as a variety of other tasks

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Volunteer Teaching English in Costa Rica

Teaching English Program

Volunteer in the Teaching English Program to teach English to primary and middle school students in schools, assist the local teachers to improve...

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Volunteer Teaching Program in Argentina

Teaching Volunteer Program

Be a part of the Volunteer Teaching Program in Argentina with VolSol to provide sustainable educational support within disadvantaged schools and...

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Teach Art or Paint Murals Project

Teaching Art & Painting Murals

For all the art lovers who wish to take a break and volunteer in Brazil, this would be a meaningful and unique step, as it'll give you the chance...

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Volunteer Teaching English in Cusco, Peru

Teaching English Program

Volunteers in this program teach English to local Peruvian students in English schools. The schools are in need of English speaking volunteers on...

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Volunteer Teacher Assistant in Kindergartens Cusco, Peru

Teacher Assistant in Kindergartens

Work in rural kindergartens and assist as a “Promoter” to enable better learning and assist the local teachers, a rewarding opportunity for people...

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Childcare Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

Childcare Volunteer Program

In Childcare Volunteer Program in Costa Rica, work in local childcare centers, community centers, take care of children, make meals for them,...

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Childcare Volunteering Program in Argentina

Childcare Program

If you love to be with kids, then you can join the Childcare Volunteering Program in Argentina and spend quality time with the little ones while...

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Childcare Volunteering in Brazil

Childcare Program

Childcare Volunteering Project in Brazil will be a fun-filled affair, as you'll get to spend all your time with the little ones while playing,...

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Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador at Children’s Hospital

Child Care at Children’s Hospital

Under this project volunteers get to work in a public hospital. This is a very large hospital, especially made for children. Children aged from 0...

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Street Children Volunteer Program Ecuador - Quito

Street Children Program

This project has been able to successfully help many a children and their families. Currently this project supports around 250 children.

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Volunteer work in Day Care Center At Cusco, Peru

Volunteer work in Day Care Center

Volunteers in the Day Care Center program in Peru get an opportunity to help, guide and play with children aged between six months to four years...

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Summer Volunteer Program Peru 2019

Summer Volunteer Peru 2019

Be a part of the Summer Volunteer Program in Peru with Volunteering Solutions that provides a thrilling opportunity to spend an exciting summer...

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Short Term Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - 2 Week Special

Volunteering Solutions provides a thrilling opportunity to do a 2-week volunteer trip along with weekend excursions for the volunteers with a...

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Short Term Volunteer Program in Peru

Peru - 2 Week Special

Join Short Term Volunteer Program in Peru, work for the underprivileged societies living in Cusco and contribute meaningfully towards improving...

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Healthcare & Medical Volunteering in Costa Rica

Medical Healthcare Volunteering

Be a part of Medical Volunteering Project in Costa Rica to understand the healthcare system of a developing country, ideal for medical/nursing...

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Medical Volunteer Abroad in Peru - Cusco

Medical Program

Volunteers working in this program make a genuine contribution to staff working within Peru’s hospitals, health clinics, medical centers and...

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