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Volunteer in India

Visit India to discover this amazing country, which offers unlimited opportunities to any traveler. India offers an experience like no other. This is the reason why more and more participants are choosing India every year. 
Volunteering Solutions provides great options to its volunteers and interns where you can combine your volunteering trip along with travel on the weekends.
You can choose from wide range of programs in Delhi, Palampur - Dharamsala and South India. We offer vast variety of projects to choose from, volunteer work with orphans, teaching programs, women empowerment program and medical and dental internships for medical students are also available.

We are the largest volunteering organization in India, placing over 500 participants each year since 2006, because of this you would always have other participants in the programs, with whom you can make lifelong friendships!

India Volunteer Program Locations

Volunteering Solutions India offers many great locations to volunteer in India. The most popular location is Delhi, which is the capital of India and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Delhi offers great volunteer programs in centrally located placements and projects. Volunteers stay at one of the best localities in South Delhi, at one of our two well maintained and air conditioned accommodations. For those who are looking for a great mix of history, culture, cuisine, shopping and best volunteer programs, Delhi is the place to visit. Another great location that you can visit is Palampur, set in the foot hills of Himalayas. Palampur gets nice weather all year round and offers a good mix of volunteering and internship options. We have a mix of host families and volunteer house accommodations in Palampur. The city is lush green with tea gardens and is very close to Mc Leodganj and Dharamsala, the home to Dalai Lama and a large Buddhist influence. A weekend trip here can be both fun and spiritual. For those who like it simple and would like to experience life in South India, we have volunteer programs in Bangalore, Mysore, Puttur, Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. The accommodations are often within the projects or in host families offering a great cultural experience.

Why Volunteer in India with VS?

Volunteering Solutions is one the oldest and the most established volunteer organization in India. We have been placing international volunteers in India since 2006 and get over 500 volunteers to our India programs every year. This helps the local projects and communities we support and work with, as they get steady flow of volunteers which helps them in getting things done. VS has over 10 dedicated staff members in India, which look after the needs of the volunteers and help them during their trip to India. VS offers the largest variety of volunteering programs in India, you can choose to volunteer with orphans, help street children, teach English at a local school, work with women and many more.

India Volunteer Projects 2014 - 2015

  • Ultimate India Experience

    Ultimate India Experience

    Under this program, volunteers will work with the children both in Delhi and Palampur and will provide them love and care which they are missing. Volunteers will spend much needed time with these children which will help them have a better future and will also save them from illegal activities.

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  • Summer Volunteer India Experience 2014 - 2015

    Summer  2014 - 2015 Volunteer & Travel Experience in India

    Volunteering Solutions provides their volunteers with an exciting opportunity with a combination of voluntary programs on weekdays and excursion trips on weekends in the capital city of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Dharamshala and Palampur. The trip to Golden Triangle is very popular among westerners.

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  • Street Children Volunteering in Delhi

    Volunteer with Street Children in Delhi - India

    Volunteering with Street children in capital city Delhi and bring a smile on the faces of disadvantaged children. Volunteers are welcome to bring innovative ideas to indulge these kids in various activities which would help them in their upbringing. Volunteers can bring clothes, stationery and toys for these children.

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  • 2 Weeks Special Program in Palampur

    2 Weeks Special Volunteer and Travel Program in Himalayas - India, 2014 - 2015

    Volunteering Solutions offers an exciting opportunity to do a 2 weeks short term volunteer trip along with weekend excursions to Dharamsala which is very popular among volunteers and to the world famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. This program option is suitable to those who can't commit for more than 2 weeks time period.

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  • Orphanage Volunteer Work in Delhi

    Volunteer work at an Orphanage in Delhi - India

    Volunteer work at an orphanage center in India would be both challenging and rewarding experience for the volunteers. Individuals working in this project work in both girls and boys orphanages in Delhi and surrounding areas. Your help would be highly appreciated by these wonderful kids.

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  • Medical Healthcare Volunteer Program in Delhi

    Volunteer Health HIV - Medical Program in Delhi - India

    Under this program medical volunteers will work in medical clinic van which serves to poor slum people in capital city Delhi. These people can't have proper medical care as first they are not educated and second doesn't have enough financial strength. The van's are under staffed so your presense would be very beneficial.

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  • Volunteer Teaching Program in South India

    Volunteer Teaching Program in South India

    Volunteers who choose to work in the teaching program will work with children in local schools or with Non Government Organizations working towards the cause of education for underpriviliged children. Volunteers are encouraged to use new and innovative teaching methods so that they are able to engage the children and help them grow.

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  • Language & Orientation Week in Delhi - India

    Language & Orientation Week in Delhi - India

    We provide a great opportunity to learn the culture, history and language of India. Orientation week is aimed to teach the volunteers all issues about culture, basic language and history of the country before they start their volunteer placement in field and it is highly popular among people as apart from Hindi classes, we also provide excursion trips.

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  • Volunteer at an Orphanage in South India

    Volunteer work at an Orphanage in South India

    Volunteer will work in local orphanages in Southern India. We provide program placements in Bangalore, Madurai and Tirunelveli. At some placements volunteers work and stay in orphanages itself and spend time with children where you can play with them, help them in studies or engage them in varioud different activities which would be beneficial for them.

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  • Childcare Volunteer Work

    Volunteer Childcare Program in Palampur - India

    In this program volunteers will work in local day care centers located in and around Palampur - Dharamsala. Since Palampur is a rural rural area, there are not many qualified and well trained caretakers for the children hence your help would be very much appreciated and in return you will get to work with such amazing kids.

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  • 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program Delhi

    2 Weeks Special Volunteer Programs, Delhi,  2014 - 2015

    Volunteering Solutions provides an exciting opportunity to do a 2 weeks short term volunteer trip along with weekend excursions for the volunteers which will take you to Agra to see Taj Mahal and to see some of the most historic and cultural sites in the capital city Delhi.

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  • Teaching Work in Palampur

    Volunteer Teaching Program in Palampur/Dharamsala

    We place our volunteers in government primary and public schools in and around Palampur - Dharamsala to teach children. You will be asked to teach children aged between 6 - 14 years and help them in improving their conversation English, grammer and will also help in other subjects such as Maths, General Knowledge and Geograpghy.

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  • Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Delhi

    Volunteer in Women Empowerment Programs in India

    Volunteers working in the Women Empowerment program help women from lower income backgrounds in Delhi. Volunteers are placed at different organizations working for the upliftment of women in the society. Volunteer can teach English, Computer skills as well as helping in any income generating activities which would be beneficial for these women.

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