Medical & Nursing Internship Dharamsala - Palampur

Trip Highlights

  • Experience the tranquility and solace while your stay amidst the beautiful Himalayas. 
  • Get to interact with the locals to understand their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.
  • Take weekend trips to enjoy thrilling experience of trekking your way up to the valley tops.
  • Amazing hands-on experience for medical students.
  • Opportunity to intern under professional doctors located in the village hospitals and learn to deal with challenging conditions.
  • Visit the pious town of Dharamsala to witness the home of Dalai Lama; the spiritual leader of Tibetans. 
  • Enjoy the stellar views from every corner of the town.


Interning in the medical internship program in India, Palampur-Dharamsala area, is a very challenging and learning experience wherein interns get to work and understand the medical system in India.  Interns are placed in hospitals and clinics in the region where they work alongside the medical staff and attending to the needs of the patients. Students mainly shadow and assist the medical staff depending on their level of experience and the skills they possess. While first, second and third year medical students mainly observe and shadow in the medical procedures, senior medical students are able to perform hands on tasks depending on their skill level.

Our placements include general medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics as well as in Ayurveda and Naturopathy clinic and hospitals. This is a great internship opportunity for medical students to observe and check patients from varied backgrounds and with different diseases. For groups of medical students we also arrange medical check up camps in schools and visit to local communities as well as different medical colleges in and around Palampur area where they get to know more about the Indian medical and healthcare system.

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