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Two Week - Short Term Volunteer Abroad Travel Programs

The 2 Week Special Volunteer Projects are specially crafted for those who have a time crunch yet are eager to travel abroad and contribute something towards making a difference to the society. These short-term volunteer programs are designed in a way that participants can get to work at their choice project for 5 days a week and spend the weekends traveling and exploring the country, relishing the amazing delicacies of the land and knowing the culture and customs.

This program is highly recommended for high school and college students looking for spring break alternatives to satiate their wanderlust. It'll give them an exposure to the broader world and a first-hand experience of working at the grassroots. 

Even solo travelers, gap year students, families and backpackers can be a part of these 2 Week Special Projects with VolSol. The volunteer opportunities involve working with children, teaching kids, taking care of elephants, among other works.

High school students can opt for the short-term volunteering abroad to experience the thrill of solo traveling and get exposed to different cultures of the world.

College students can opt for these short-term projects abroad as it would be a great opportunity for them to expand their knowledge base and enhance their future career prospects by gaining international work experience.

These programs are available in various parts of the world, for example - India, Nepal, Thailand, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Peru. Participants should be at least 17 years or older to join these programs. 

The programs are available throughout the year. So you can choose to travel whenever it is convenient for you.

"I enjoyed working on the placement with all the kids. However, I would prefer to be given some activities we could use to improve the English level of the children, because the placement teacher insist on teaching only the ABC, animals and fruits name that the kids already know. The place we stayed was in a very nice area, close to a  market, clean and comfortable and the meals were tasty and very well cooked. The coordinators and staff were really nice people, always willing to help and offer their knowledge and support. Thank you everyone!!!" Tsampika Kelepera (Greece) Delhi, India
2 Week Specials Volunteer Abroad Project
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