Summer Volunteer Travel Programs Abroad 2016

Take part in the exciting Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs 2016 with Volunteering Solutions. We offer a wide variety of specialized volunteer and travel programs during the Summers across different program locations. These Summer Special programs are available in India, Thailand, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania wherein volunteers get a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, volunteer in the project, explore and travel across the host country. Taking up Summer Volunteer Projects is an awesome and different way to spend summers traveling and doing something meaningful

Our Summer programs in different destinations are tailor made to capture the best of the destination. In summer volunteer abroad program in Ghana, volunteers contribute in teaching kids and community development projects and also get to explore the different picturesque sights of Northern Ghana on weekends. In Thailand, volunteers who have enrolled in the Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program take part in a 3 week fun filled volunteer and adventure trip and get to travel across different parts of the country. Similarly, In India, Tanzania, South Africa and Nepal Summer programs, volunteering coupled with extensive traveling is provided for a memorable experience abroad. Our programs prove to be the best summer placements for students who want to spend their time travelling and volunteering abroad during the summer. 

The Summer Special Programs have fixed start dates. While most of the programs are for a duration of 3 weeks, some projects spanning 2 weeks are also available. Gappers and Schoolies are also welcome to choose from our ensuite of international volunteer programs in any country of their choice during summers, as all these programs run throughout the year.
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    Ghana Summer Volunteer Program 2016

    Ghana Summer Program 2016

    Ghana, Tamale

    Akwaaba! Welcome, that’s what it would be for you in Ghana. The land never fails to mesmerize its international travellers. Ghana is famous for its exotic wildlife, historic castles and a golden coast. Whet your city touring appetite in Accra and Tamale.

  • Summer Volunteer Abroad
    India Summer Volunteer Program 2016

    India Summer Program 2016

    India, Delhi

    Get your ‘groove on’ this summer exploring the winding streets of the Incredible India. This extensive trip is designed to give you a meaningful travel experience and connects the cultural, historical and popular highlights of the major Indian cities. For the culture vultures, the capital of India..

  • Summer Volunteer Abroad
    Nepal Summer Volunteer Program 2016

    Nepal Summer Program 2016

    Nepal, Kathmandu

    Welcome to the land of a thousand temples, a country with finest trekking trails, yaks and yams - Nepal. This program is a summary of everything good about Nepal. Culture, history, cuisine, shopping, religion, adventure and a lot more. You will embark on a cultural journey in Kathmandu....

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    Summer Volunteer South Africa 2016

    South Africa Summer Program 2016

    South Africa, Cape Town

    Spend your summer visiting amazing Cape Town – South Africa. VolSol brings you a great summer program for 2016, to volunteer and explore the beauty of the Cape Town. You would get a chance to be with a group of like minded young travelers coming from all over the world...

  • Summer Volunteer Abroad
    Tanzania Summer Volunteer Program 2016

    Tanzania Summer Program 2016

    Tanzania, Arusha

    The 3 week Summer Special Program in Tanzania is a great way to experience this magnificent East African nation. During these 3 weeks you will get an opportunity to immerse in the local Tanzanian culture, see their way of life, eat local food, volunteer with children in orphanage project and see....

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    Thailand Summer Volunteer Program 2016

    Thailand Summer Program 2016

    Thailand, Surin

    The ‘Summer Special’ is the ultimate way for the first time traveler and experienced adventurers alike to explore Thailand responsibly. Join us for a bustling weekend in Bangkok where you will see the best sights, experience the fun night life and help support the city’s poorest communities...