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“I know what you did last summer!” – Ah, well, just kidding! The pandemic literally kept us all indoors and we could barely enjoy the Summer of 2024!

Now that winter is knocking on the doors and summer is just around the corner, you must also be wondering what new to do this time! Definitely for high school, college, and university students, Summer Break is one of those periods of the year when there’s time to explore the new avenues and indulge in pursuing the passion, however, most of us end up lazing around, binge-watching Netflix and chilling a bit too much!

Have you ever thought of setting out for an amazing Summer Trip with a bunch of strangers in order to be a part of a meaningful volunteering journey? Sounds exciting, right? Well, let me tell you this – it’s gonna make this Summer the best one of your life!


Explore the Indian culture and volunteer with the underprivileged kids

summer volunteer in India

Why waste your Summer Break doing nothing, when you can actually visit one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, and explore its culture closely? Well, India, definitely, isn’t a place that can be covered in just a summer, but you can surely begin now, from here!

Set out for an amazing Summer Volunteering Trip to India, and spend your days exploring the nooks and corners of Delhi, the capital city.

The Summer Volunteer Program in India with Volunteering Solutions will let you experience the best that India has to offer in just 2 weeks! This specially curated program not only provides a meaningful travel and volunteering opportunity but also connects you with the cultural, historical, and popular highlights of major North Indian cities.

As a participant in this program, you will primarily engage with underprivileged children in Delhi and contribute to beautification and renovation projects in Jaipur. The itinerary also encompasses sightseeing tours of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Pushkar. Tailored for high school, college, and university students, gap year travelers, backpackers, corporate groups, as well as solo adventurers, this program is ideal for those passionate about making a positive impact on the developing Indian society.


Feed the elephants at a Thai Village before diving deep in the turquoise waters

Thailand Elephant volunteering

If Thailand has been there on your mind forever, then don’t procrastinate any longer! Start packing your bags for an epic Summer Volunteering Journey in this Southeast Asian land, which is definitely a backpacker’s hub! With gorgeous Wats and breathtaking beaches, quaint towns and adorable elephants, delicious food, and endless options for adventure sports – life in Thailand can never be boring.

Be a part of this amazing 2-week program in Thailand, in the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, renowned as the heart of traditional Thai culture and the country’s second-largest city. Stroll through the verdant streets adorned with Buddhist temples, bustling local markets, and the captivating sight of monks engaging in their daily alms rituals.

During the 1st week, you’ll get to experience a comprehensive cultural immersion, featuring an extensive orientation and city tour. Begin your volunteer service project at a school, where mornings are dedicated to project work, while evenings are filled with additional activities. These include engaging conversations with Buddhist monks, a Thai cooking course, a fresh market tour, interactions with university students, and a visit to the majestic Doi Suthep Temple.

Over the weekend, you’ll have ample scope to step out and explore by yourself. You’ll also get to visit the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and take a tour of the FAE Elephant Hospital, a non-profit foundation dedicated to treating sick and injured elephants.

The adventure continues into the 2nd week, where you’ll delve into rural life beyond Chiang Mai, exploring a lush green valley. Collaborate with mahouts, the dedicated elephant caretakers, gaining firsthand insight into the meticulous care these incredible creatures require. Participate in morning walks through the forest and join in the experience of bathing elephants in a nearby river, directly contributing to the well-being of these majestic beings.


Soak in the Himalayan vibes and teach the little ones in Kathmandu

summer volunteer in Nepal

For all the mountain lovers who have always wondered about exploring the Himalayas, what can be better than spending your summer vacation in Nepal? A country that houses the world’s highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest, as well as some of the other 8,000 meter peaks, this would be the perfect getaway you’re seeking!

Marked by the Lonely Planet as ‘the world’s most budget-friendly destination’, Nepal has a lot in store for travelers. From the ruins of Patan and Bhaktapur to the temples of Kathmandu and the valleys of Nagarkot, the pristine beauty of Pokhara, and of course, the goosebumps at the Everest Base Camp – this is your chance to experience the best that this tiny landlocked country holds for you!

If you love to be with kids, then you’ll surely fall for the little ones you’ll be working with. In Kathmandu, you can either choose to teach or work at an orphanage or be a volunteer at a disabled-care center and pour your love and care to those who need it the most. It’ll be a touching experience for you, and definitely, a learning journey as well.

And of course, you’ll get to explore the hustle & bustle of Thamel, and binge on momos and thukpa! You can also learn to cook some authentic delicacies. Witness the gorgeous Himalayan sunset at Nagarkot, and fill your lungs with freshness at Pokhara. You’ll also get to explore Chitwan National Park, which is marked as a UNESCO Heritage Site, for housing some of the rarest wildlife species. To put in short, your Summer Break in Nepal will be nothing less than an adventure in itself.


Head off to Ghana & experience the culture shock

Girl Education in Ghana

When we think of traveling to Africa, probably Ghana isn’t an obvious choice that strikes us! However, if you are really keen on experiencing something unique and wonderful, then probably this is the place where you should be spending your summer!

During your volunteering endeavor, you’ll get to spend 3 weeks in Tamale, being a part of the community development process. It’s time that you get your hands dirty while helping the locals renovate their house, clean the environment and plant some trees, educate them about hygiene and sanitation, etc. You can also teach the little kids in an underprivileged school, where the teacher-student ratio is pretty inadequate.

It just doesn’t end there! You’ll have a lot of time to indulge in their culture & lifestyle, know about the ancient traditions that are still followed, be a part of their festivities and celebrations, and of course, binge on their local delicacies. And when in Africa, how can you miss out on exploring the wildlife scenario?

Go for a safari at the Mole National Park, which houses more than 93 species of mammals, about 400 species of birds, 9 amphibians, 33 reptilian, and several insectivorous species, and 5 endemic butterfly species! Well, keep your camera ready, ‘coz you never know what might just come in sight! You’ll also get to explore the Kintampo Falls, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, and more.


Experience the wilderness in Tanzania and make a difference through volunteering

summer volunteer in Tanzania


Spotting the Big Cats have been there on your bucket list since forever? Well, what can be better than heading off to Serengeti to spot them! This summer, let’s go for the thrilling game drives and sleep under the starlit sky, as we listen to the silence of the jungles.

Gear up as we set out for an African adventure this Summer to the Maasai lands, and make a difference in the lives of the locals living in Arusha by volunteering for them. You’ll get to indulge in learning their language and know more about their culture and traditions, experience their lifestyle, and understand how, even in today’s date, these people are holding onto their age-old way of life!

Volunteer at the orphanages in Arusha and shower the little ones with love and care. It’ll definitely be a touching experience for you, as you’ll learn to value the little things in life and turn to be a more humble & compassionate person. You’ll also get to meet the HIV/AIDS victims in Outreach Medical Program.

And of course, you’ll get to explore the Lake Manyara National Park, apart from Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater. Spot the lioness playing with her cubs and the zebras & giraffes near the waterhole! Well, there’s more in store for you, and you need to be there to experience the beauty that Tanzania beholds!


Walk down the ancient trails of Machu Picchu and contribute meaningfully to the society

2 week special volunteering in peru

And if beaches and wildlife don’t interest you enough, how about indulging in the Amazonian culture while trekking along the ancient trails of Machu Picchu during this summer break? Excited already? – Hold on, we have some more good news coming up! For those who can’t commit for a month, head out for the Summer Volunteering Journey in Peru for 2 weeks and experience the best of volunteering & traveling!

Unwind as you step into the world of tiny Peruvians and teach them about the bigger world, let them dream, and paint their thoughts with all amazing colors! You’ll be volunteering at a nursery school that is extremely understaffed (1 teacher for 30 kids) and help in administrative work as well.

Apart from that, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Sacred Valley and gaze at the beauty of Pisac, Ollantaytambo ruins, and of course, hike along the lost trails of the Inca civilization. Go kayaking through the Amazonian rainforests and meet the indigenous people living there, cut out from the rest of the world. Experience their authentic lifestyle and head home back with a bag full of memories!

If these haven’t convinced you yet, then here are 10 awesome reasons why you should sign up for a Summer Volunteering Journey with Volunteering Solutions, ASAP!

1) It’s the most budget-friendly, all-encompassed, meaningful travel plan you’ll ever come across!

2) Not only do you get a chance to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones, but you’ll also understand the meaning of being a ‘responsible traveler’.

3) You gain first-hand international work experience, which would boost your Resume and help you to stay ahead of your peers.

4) Polish your skills, get to know more about your strengths and weaknesses, and pursue your passion during this learning journey.

5) It’ll make you a happier person – knowing that you also have the ability to do good for others, selflessly!

6) You’ll have the chance to meet some amazing people from different parts of the world and bond over similar likings! You never know, you might just end up finding your best travel buddy!

7) This journey will turn you into a more humble and compassionate person. You’ll feel more grateful for being blessed with the life that you have, which many doesn’t.

8) You’ll probably end up inspiring several others, to be a part of a mission trip and contribute effectively towards the developing societies.

9) You’ll get ample scope of exploring the popular tourist places as well as the hidden gems of the land. Our curated itinerary incorporates the best that one can explore in these particular countries.

10) Last, but not least – It’s Gonna Be Superrrrr FUN…!

If you are absolutely convinced and tempted for an incredible journey in summer 2024, then write to us at [email protected] and our experts will soon get back to you! In the meanwhile, how about taking a quick look at our Instagram Page?

Let this be the best summer of your life!

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