Conservation Volunteer Program Australia

Trip Highlights

  • Take up Conservation Volunteering in Australia, do your bit for the natural resources of the “Land Down Under” 
  • Volunteer work in forests and ecological parks to help conserve the natural beauty and fauna of Australia
  • Learn a diverse range of practical conservation skills that impact important wetlands, coastal sand dunes, woodlands and more 
  • Take up adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle safaris, bouldering, skydiving, and more
  • Get to work in two different locations - Melbourne and New Castle 
  • Volunteers work on weekdays, weekends are free to explore the city 


Conservation Volunteering Program in Australia is a great working abroad opportunity for all environment and nature lovers. Tread through amazing and scenic destinations in Australia to get hands-on experience in ethical conservation. While you are at it connect with your adventure side and indulge in some nerve-wracking extreme sports! This project gives you an opportunity to explore the Aussie land in a unique way. 

Do not forget that Australia has one of the well-preserved rainforests in the world that boasts of exuberant wildlife; with Koalas, Kangaroos and, myriads of nationals parks. While the rainforests have seen their hay days, maintenance and preservation is an ongoing process and requires due diligence.

Volunteers can choose to start their Conservation Experience in Australia from two starting locations namely Melbourne or Newcastle.

You should inform about your choice of starting location while filling the program application form.

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