Group Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering Solutions facilitates responsible and rewarding Group Volunteering Abroad Opportunities for college and university students, high school groups, for families, friends, and also corporate groups. Available across several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America that include popular destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica amongst others.

Specially crafted for group needs, we make sure that the projects have fulfilling work for each member and are optimal for cultural immersions and local traveling as well. The projects on offer are diverse in nature and several in number but the ones ideal for groups include Childcare and Teaching Projects, Volunteering for Elephant and Nature conservation projects and 2-week volunteer and travel specials that combine field work and exploring the destination visited.

Every year, VolSol places on average places 300-400 volunteers on custom group projects with group size varying from 5-40 members. Affordably priced with 1-24 week volunteering options, accommodation, meals, transportation, and field work are customized according to group needs for a wholesome experience. 

Some of the groups who have volunteered through us include:

Our Group Programs

CAS Trips Abroad, Under 18's & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

CAS Trips, High School & Teen Volunteering

A lot of high school students, who are under 18, volunteer through us. Students spend four very...

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Volunteer Abroad Programs For University & College Groups

University Group Programs

Volunteering Solutions has the reputation for providing tailor-made programs for...

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Family Volunteering Abroad Programs

Family Volunteering

Take a different family trip this time. Volunteer with your closest ones and make a difference....

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Corporate Volunteering Opportunities Abroad

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate houses can choose from a wide range of volunteering programs and travel abroad with...

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If you are a large group looking for more customization in group volunteering or volunteer project placement abroad, please write to us at [email protected] with subject Group Volunteering Abroad.