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Volunteer in Australia and get involved with local communities in ethical wildlife volunteer projects



Australia - Quick Facts

Start Dates : All Year Round

Duration : 1-6 Weeks

Program Locations : Gladstone & Holbrook

Minimum Age : 18 years+

Certificate : Offered after Program completion


At a Glance

Currency Used : Australian Dollars (AUD)

Language : English

Travel on Weekends to: explore Gladstone, Cairns, & other parts of Australia

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Volunteer in Australia

Volunteer in Australia with Volunteering Solutions on meaningful and ethical wildlife conservation volunteer programs across different cities down under. You can choose to participate as a volunteer in a Wildlife Shelter in New South Wales or Endangered Species Conservation Program in Queensland. All the Volunteering Programs in Australia are perfectly designed to provide the participants with an ethical, fun-filled and thrilling experience where they can work for the ecosystem and help to create a better environment.

Gap year travelers and backpackers who are looking for enriching international work experience can travel to the Southern Continent and be a part of these projects, to spend some time amidst nature and effectively contribute towards Nature's wellbeing.


  • Programs based in New South Wales and Queensland
  • Meaningful volunteering opportunities from 2 to 12 weeks
  • Ethical, Sustainable, Genuine Animal Welfare & Conservation Projects
  • Experience firsthand the diverse landscapes Australia has to offer

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Australia

Motomi - Volunteer in Endangered Species Conservation Program
"Overall, I had a good experience there. I’ve met people from four different countries. Working with other volunteers to prepare food for animals and clean their enclosures were fun. The work was taught by other volunteers, so we all had responsibilities of our duties and we cooperated as a team"

Motomi - Volunteer in Endangered Species Conservation Program View

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Weekend Travel Options

Programs in Australia are located in different destinations and weekend travel options vary as per the project destination.

Weekend travel options for Volunteers in Gladstone

Gladstone is situated on Queensland’s central coast and is built around a deep-water lagoon that has become Queensland's largest multi-commodity shipping port. Gladstone is located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and its sub-tropical climate is perfect for year-round boating, fishing, and swimming. With 14 offshore islands, Gladstone offers the perfect base to explore all the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, including uninhabited coral cays, secluded beaches, and an array of beautiful marine life.

Volunteers may choose to spend time in Gladstone or embark upon some of the interesting things to do in the surrounding areas, either before or after the project. Gladstone comes alive at night, with a selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs to tempt you. Enjoy the free live entertainment at Library Square on Friday and Saturday nights or catch a stage show at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre.

Best things to add to your checklist:

  • Visit the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum
  • Head off to Mount Larcom
  • Chill at Heron Island
  • Take a trip to Lake Awoonga


Weekend travel options for Volunteers in NSW

When you can get away, some activities you may enjoy from the shelter are nature walks in the forest, wildlife photography, wildlife watching, reading, watching television, and socializing with other volunteers. Depending upon how busy the shelter is (how many animals are at the shelter and new arrivals) and how much free time you get, you can plan your weekends accordingly.

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