Volunteer Program in China - Beijing For Disabled Care

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for the Disabled Care Project in China and make a difference to the lives of the children with mental challenges 
  • Volunteer work is facilitated primarily in two centers which are a) Rainbow Team b)Three Color Workshop 
  • Volunteers assist the local trainers to pick up vocational skills, paint, draw amongst other things 
  • Volunteers can also assist the local staff in fundraising efforts for the center
  • Volunteer work is carried for 5-6 hours on weekdays, Weekends are free to explore the city and travel around 


The Disabled Care Volunteering Program in China is an opportunity for gap year travelers to make a difference in the lives of children and adults suffering from mental disabilities. The program placement is set up in a charity for Mentally challenged in Beijing. They mainly provide services and help for mentally disabled children and adults in the community. The mission of the charity is to spread the model of community-based services and improve the quality of the lives of people with mental disabilities. The volunteer for disabled care program is located at two separate centers in the city. These are;

A) Rainbow team (12 - 15 students)
At this center,  the students are in the age group of 8-16 years. Some students are orphans while some come from a poor family. But all of the students suffer from different mental disabilities. They have outside activities in the morning and inside teamwork in the afternoon. It’s located in a residential building in Tiantongyuan community. The volunteers can take subway to the charity easily from the accommodations.

B) Three-color workshop (17-20 students)
At this placement, students are adults from different age groups. The students learn how to make handicrafts and paintings. The training helped them in providing with an employment opportunity. There are also some other activities such as hutong tour, painting exhibition, and dance or song performance for visitors from all over the world. The volunteers can take subway to the charity easily from the accommodations.

Joining the disabled care volunteer program is a different experience for gap year travelers, which is challenging on one side and provides a lot of learning and mental satisfaction on the other side.

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