Short Term Volunteer in Ghana | 2 Week Special

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy the amazing wildlife tour during your trip to Northern Ghana.
  • Visit the Monkey sanctuary or the amazing Kintampo Falls during your stay.
  • Take exciting trip to the Mole National Park and enjoy a great Wildlife experience.
  • Volunteer work for the girl education project in a local Ghanaian school
  • Learn about the root traditions and culture of typical Ghanaian community.
  • Experience the best of Ghana in just 2 weeks time.


This is a unique opportunity for those looking to take a short volunteer trip as well as learn and explore about this beautiful West African country. Volunteers in this program work in the northern region of Tamale wherein they teach in local schools and make a difference in the lives of local community.

Program Schedule

Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: 1st and 3rd Monday of every Month
Arrive at: Kotoka International Airport (Accra).
Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 7-8 hours in a day
Travel and Tourism Tours: Travel/Sightseeing for 3 days included in Cost
Program Location – Tamale , capital of northern region of Ghana. The program is based in the Northern region of Ghana in a city called Tamale. Tamale is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana, with a population of 3,305,000 (2008). It is mostly populated by Dagomba people who speak Dagbani language. It is located in the northern part of the country, where the land is savanna, consisting of grasslands with drought-resistant trees. The city is like a conglomeration of villages, with many people living in traditional mud brick houses. While the majority of the houses are roofed with corrugated iron sheets, a good number of them are roofed with grass.

Program Details

There are tens of thousands of girls in the city who have dropped out of school and some parents have refused to send their female children to school. Volunteers will be volunteering with a project which is designed to prepare deprived girls, such as those described above, to go to school. The main aim of the project is to provide them with the educational support and vocational training required to help them become ambitious and important members of the Ghanaian workforce. 
The learning center has girls in the age group of 7-18 years and around 40-50 younger students are taught basic skills in English, Maths, Social Studies and Religious & Moral Education. There is also a vocational programme for teaching 10 older students basic sewing techniques and preparing them for an apprenticeship in a professional sewing shop in town.
Volunteers on this program will enjoy a rewarding experience by assisting the teachers to deliver lessons. During the mornings you’ll be working with smaller groups of students helping them with their reading, writing and numeracy skills. There may be occasions when you’ll be asked to teach one of the classes yourself but you’ll be fully supported if this happens. 
In the afternoons you’ll have the opportunity to support the ex-students who are now attending state school, helping them with their homework and reading and writing skills. 
This project is popular with volunteers because it allows them to be entirely creative in their teaching style and use of materials, and actively encourages new ideas for improvement and development. If you come on this program you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the students and return to Ghana again.
Tour Programs

Northern Ghana Wildlife Tour: - After breakfast with the host family, volunteers set off towards the villages of Boebeng and Fiema. These two villages help protect the black and white colobus and mona monkeys, which the locals perceive as sacred, that live in the surrounding forests. We tour the village while interacting with the locals and learning about their history and traditions. In the afternoon we visit the majestic Kintampo Waterfalls and spend the night in Kintampo Town. 
Wildlife Viewing Tour: - After breakfast we head off from Kintampo to Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest and best game viewing park. An afternoon foot safari will provide close-up views of African Elephants, the world’s largest land mammal. In the evening, we marvel at the wildlife from the viewing platform which overlooks a busy and exciting waterhole, while relaxing in the hotel.
Note: There can be changes in the Tour Program itinerary as it is subject to local conditions.


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