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Volunteer in Philippines

Volunteer Abroad in Philippines, which is one of the most favorable destinations in Asia.

The country is located, with relatively short distances to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Despite this, it has never drawn such enormous masses of tourists as for example Thailand, and the greater part of the country is still virginal and unexplored. This is naturally reflected in the warmth and friendliness of the local people, and you may practically find your own paradise island where no tourist ever has even left a footprint in the sand. If you're looking for a country to explore, you really should try the Philippines.

Volunteering Solutions offers volunteer opportunities in partnership with local grassroots level organizations in the south of Philippines. The projects are recommended for anyone on a Gap Year , volunteer vacation , summer volunteer placement or a family volunteering together.

There is wide variety of projects available for volunteers where you can volunteer at an orphanage, volunteer with street children , Teach English in rural schools, volunteer in health clinics or in women empowerment projects.

Volunteer placements are available all year round and you can choose to volunteer for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Philippines Volunteer Projects 2014 - 2015

  • Work in Rural Medical Clinics

    Volunteer in Rural Medical Clinics in Philippines

    Volunteers working in the Medical volunteer project work in rural medical clinics located in close vicinity to Tacloban city.The clinics and medical centers are in regular need of volunteer support and assistance from medical volunteers is very much needed. Project is available for pre med students, medical and nursing students, nurses, doctors and medical assistants.

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  • Volunteer at an orphanage in Philippines

    Volunteer in an Orphanage in Philippines

    Volunteer work in orphanages in Philippines is an extremely rewarding experience whereby volunteers get an opportunity to lend emotional as well as educational support to the disadvantaged children. Volunteers working in the project need to be ready for the challenge and show initiative to do different tasks with the children and make a valuable contribution to their lives.

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