Environment Conservation Volunteering Abroad Programs
Environment Conservation Volunteering Abroad Programs

Environment Conservation Volunteering Abroad Programs

Volunteering Solutions offers meaningful and affordable Environment Conservation Programs in different parts of the world, being a part of which, one can directly get involved in protecting and nurturing Mother Nature. If you are someone who likes to live amidst nature, soak in freshness, and always ready to get your hands dirty, then this would be a perfect volunteering opportunity for you. Over the years, we have hosted several high school/ college student groups as well as gap year travelers and backpackers, who relentlessly contributed towards saving this world and making it a better place to live. Currently, environment conservation programs are available in AsiaAfricaSouth America, and Europe.

Best Environment Conservation Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Where can you join the environmental volunteer opportunities abroad?

Currently, the environment conservation volunteer projects are available in the following countries:

- Nosy Komba Island, Madagascar
- Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
- Axim, Ghana
- Mtwara, Tanzania
- Galle, Sri Lanka
- Porto, Portugal
- Pemuteran, Bali (Indonesia)
- Caribbean Rainforest, Costa Rica
- Barcelona, Spain
- Ionian Islands, Greece

The environment conservation volunteer projects are available throughout the year in the countries as mentioned above, with flexible start dates and durations. Volunteers can choose to dedicate a minimum of 1 Week to a maximum of 6 months, as per convenience.

What are the responsibilities of a volunteer For Environment Conservation Programs?

  • Help in the conservation and preservation work as guided by the project coordinator.
  • Help in the maintenance work and upkeep of the forests or allocated project area.
  • Learn about the flora and fauna of the place where you're working, and enhance your knowledge.
  • Work with local communities who live in the regions, and conserve the environment through indigenous methods.
  • Spread awareness among the people regarding environmental protection and conservation.

What are the requirements to join the Environment Conservation Volunteering Abroad Program?

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older to join the programs.
  • It's important to be open-minded and flexible about working in a new environment.
  • Volunteers should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference and be ready to work outdoors.
  • Participants must be fit, healthy, and interested in environmental conservation.
  • Volunteers need to provide a clean criminal background check.

Why should you volunteer for an environmental conservation program with Volunteering Solutions?

  • You can actively contribute to preserving and protecting the environment, making a positive impact on the planet.
  • It’ll be an incredible opportunity to learn about environmental issues, conservation techniques, and sustainable practices, fostering personal growth and development.
  • Engaging in conservation work allows you to spend time outdoors, connect with nature, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.
  • By volunteering for these programs, you can help raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire others to take action in their own lives.

Environmental conservation is a global concern in this 21st Century, and by volunteering, you become part of a worldwide effort to protect the planet for future generations.

What do our past volunteers say?

“I spent 2 weeks volunteering on the islands of Kalamos and Kastos in Greece. The islands are very beautiful and remote (away from major tourist areas which is nice). The program itself was fairly relaxed, we did Posidonia (Seagrass) monitoring, gardening as well as camera and audio traps for bats, birds, and monk seals. We applied to the program only a few weeks before and volunteering solutions were very efficient in replying and getting back to us to get everything organized in time!” - Rachel, Volunteer in Greece


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