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24Aug 2020

5 Amazing Ways To Make A Difference By Volunteering In 2021

There’s no denial to the fact that 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for all of us (and we still have 4 more months!) but if we pause and think – the coronavirus pandemic has surely taught us some valuable lessons that we’ll all carry for the rest of our lives. It has taught […]

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19Aug 2020

Los 10 Mejores Programas de Voluntariado en el Extranjero Para 2021

Todos tenemos una lista mental de cosas que deseamos cumplir a lo largo de nuestras vidas. Normalmente aspiramos a hacer cosas por placer propio, pero también cosas que agreguen algo de felicidad a la vida de otras personas. El acto de ser voluntario no es solo un acto noble, sino también una tarea de autosatisfacción […]

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18Aug 2020

What Makes You An Amazing International Volunteer?

The trend of adding volunteer work to a travel expedition abroad has been seen pacing up in recent years. And, then there’s one set of enthusiastic travelers for whom the main purpose is to volunteer abroad for a meaningful cause while exploring the destination. However, it is definitely not that easy to be such a […]

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16Aug 2020

Consejos de seguridad a tener en cuenta durante tu voluntariado en el extranjero

En el extranjero, trabajar como voluntario, estudiar, o simplemente ir de visita es siempre una aventura emocionante. Especialmente para los jóvenes recién salidos de la escuela o aquellos que acaban de finalizar los estudios universitarios, viajar es una experiencia realmente reveladora, educativa, y una que te proporcionará, cantidad de recuerdos inolvidables. El voluntariado en el […]

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22Jul 2020

A First Timer’s Guide To Volunteering Abroad

Last year, when I planned for my first volunteering trip to Kenya, I was super-excited about being with the tiny little ones though I wasn’t sure of many things, which I eventually got to learn with time. For all of us, I’m sure it’s the same – while we know what we want to do, […]

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16Jul 2020

6 Reasons To Take Up Medical Volunteering In Tanzania In 2021

Once the pandemic gets over, the world will surely need active volunteers who would be keen to step out and work selflessly for the welfare of others, living at the farthest corners of the Earth. We are looking forward to opening up our volunteering programs in Tanzania, which is an East African country known for […]

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6Jul 2020

Top 10 Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2021

We all have our plans for life that include the checklist of things that we wish to do and the places we wish to visit. We surely aspire to do something for our pleasure and also things that would add some happiness to someone else’s life. The act of volunteering, as we all know, is […]

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