Alternative Programs To Peace Corps : Similar Opportunities Around The World


The desire to travel to different countries, experience a diverse topography, a new culture, learn a new language and most importantly, make an attempt to give back as a global citizen drives many people to apply for the US Peace Corps but being a difficult application to convert, there’s preparation and experience needed to successfully apply there.

The volunteering opportunities offered by Volunteering Solutions encompass diverse sectors of Community Development, Teaching, Youth Development, Healthcare amongst several others in over 24 countries provide valuable international work experience and cultural immersion, the key takeaways needed to be successful Peace Corps volunteer.

The projects are designed carefully and are very similar to the ones offered by the Peace Corps and can be taken up as an alternative to them. Who knows that the good work you do as a volunteer with VolSol will help you get into the PC the next time around?

Apart from that, people who have already worked with the Peace Corps and wish to continue the good work, Volunteering Solutions offers specialized volunteering projects that help the participants carry on the legacy of the good work they’ve done.

Here’s the list of Peace Corps Alternative Projects to consider:

Teach Primary School Kids English In Nepal

Located in Kathmandu, this project is a particularly rewarding one as it includes children from one of the most underserved communities that are severely poverty-stricken. Placed in a local primary school, the job will entail assisting the local teacher, perhaps even training the teacher if you have the necessary skills and teaching kids the basics of written and spoken English.

One of the remarkable achievements of VolSol volunteers was the post-2015 Nepal earthquake reconstruction of the local school and fundraising for its provisions and supplies. Remarkable growth has been achieved in the Nepal school since then and calls out for enthusiastic volunteers, with or without experience to help make the lives of the orphan kids better.

Work For Special Needs Of Kids In Delhi, India

disabled care india

Located in a small Himalayan town, volunteers in this project work in a local daycare center and work for kids with special needs, that focus on skill development and capacity building for them. The Centre also houses children who are autistic and need special education as well.

Volunteers in this project, who are eyeing to work for children with special needs in the future and have a present skill set in this area must opt for this project. Available for a duration of 1-24 weeks, volunteers need to duly fill an application form and submit a clean criminal record along with a CV to secure a spot for this project.

Work For Turtle Conservation In Sri Lanka

turtle conservation sri lanka

Working for turtle hatcheries constitute the major component of this project where people have a wide range of responsibilities that include burying turtle eggs to rescue them from poachers, keeping a track of their hatching time, and conserving the overall turtle population.

Work For Rural Health, Philippines


Medical Health Professionals, Medical Students, Nutrition and Public Health Students should opt for this project. Placed in a rural area, close to Tacloban City in the Philippines, this project aims to up the ante for health facilities in a rural area of the developing country.

Work For Girl Child Education, Ghana

volunteer in Ghana

Even till today, there is a dearth of a formal, state-mandated and co-ordinated package of activities which might be labeled the “Girls’ Education Programme” in Ghana even though the national goals and strategies pertaining to the education of the girl the child has been set out.

Far from achieving its goals, the country still has a long way to go when it comes girl’s education in the region. This is why attempts by civil society are made to provide basic Education to Ghanian Girls. Volunteers working for this project are placed in a local school and are responsible for taking lessons and assisting local teachers as well. Subjects taught include English, Mathematics, Science, and Art.

Be A Sports Coach In South Africa

sports development south africa

Sports has the capability to transform the fortunes of children from underserved communities. Developing capacity to take up sports formally and upon proper coaching even participate in local, national and also international sports events. This project is a small step in this direction.

Volunteers who have a special knack for sports and possess sportsmanship must opt for this project in Cape Town. Placed in local schools and day care centers, after classes, volunteers can coach and play with the kids and encourage them to take up sports more actively.

Work For An Orphanage, Kenya

kenya volsol coti 2018

An opportunity to work in an orphanage in the capital city of Kenya, the center houses children who have lost their parents to HIV AIDS and aims to build a better future for them. The volunteer duties at this project will include teaching the kids, helping the local caretakers and making proper arrangements at the center.

Volunteers can also contribute in the of day to day administrative tasks at the orphanage and help them source funds and government help for the upkeep, education, and adoption of the kids.

Teaching English To Kids, Peru

An opportunity for participants eyeing TEFL certification, volunteers can head to Peru to teach English to the kids in a primary school in Cusco. An added benefit includes the window to improve one’s Spanish when in the country.


Work For Food Waste Management In Portugal

food waste management portugal

Food shortage and food wastage is one of the most serious issues plaguing the world today and participating in the Food Waste Management will help participants contribute their bit to the cause. Working in a collaboration with the local Portuguese NGOs, participants ascertain the workings of the local restaurant and distribute unused food amongst the needy in the city. Volunteers who have more experience can also assist in the administrative tasks performed for the smooth running of the project.

To participate in any development-related volunteering project, it is important to cultivate relevant skills, discipline and most importantly flexibility and empathy for the people of the country one is headed to. Volunteering abroad helps in cultivating this very skill and lays a strong foundation to carry out a successful Peace Corps trip.

Get in touch with our Program Advisor at [email protected] to get more details on how to begin volunteering trips abroad.

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