10 Qualities That Make You A Great International Volunteer


The trend of adding volunteer work to a travel expedition abroad has been seen pacing up in the recent years. And, then there is a particular set of volunteers for whom the main purpose of travelling abroad is for a volunteer work only; exploring the region is an additional benefit.

However, it is definitely not that easy to be such a dedicated volunteer traveler, as it asks for a lot of time, patience, and flexibility. Apart from these, there are a few more indigenous qualities that reflect from a staunch volunteer traveler. Volunteering Solutions, with its experience of witnessing several such volunteers over a period of almost 8 years, lists down the features which prove you have what it takes to be a dedicated volunteer traveler. See how many of these can you relate with;

community development project in Ghana

1. You know perfectly how to manage your time

Knowing what time of the year will be the best to travel to your choice of destination, making all necessary bookings and registrations well in advance, doing a thorough research about the program as well as the destination, and preparing all necessary documents in time; you just simply know how to manage your time in the best way possible.

2. You understand very well the order of your priorities

Executing the program, shopping, eating, exploring the destination, and saving memories through clicks are all part of any volunteering sojourn. But, what comes first and what follows after, signifies your priority standards. Being available for the program, even after official working hours (if conditions require you to), always remain on top of your priority chart.

3. You are a hardcore ‘people’s person’

You know how to gel with people very well. Language and cultural difference is never an obstacle for you to kick into a tangy conversation with a native. You understand the seriousness of what to say, to whom and when.

4. When you are about to end your program, you are thinking of the next one already

Volunteer travelling is one of your regular activities every year. The end of one expedition does not call for a break from it for you; rather it counts as the time when you start deciding on your next volunteering trip.

5. You carry forward your previous volunteering experiences

You are not akin with the term ‘failure’; it’s either good experience or good learning for you. If you sensed that something was not par perfect in your previous stint, you make sure to make subtle improvements on it and execute it in the best way possible. That is some hardcore dedication there!

6. You do not fear solo travelling…

… In fact, that’s what you prefer the most. You are the master of your own destiny, the king of your castle. You do not depend on a peer to tag along in order to take a volunteer abroad trip. Travelling solo is the way you like it the most, as it gives you that space you always need.

7. You have the zeal to make a difference in the society

As a responsible human being, you understand the necessity of giving it back to the society. If you feel that something needs to be improved and you can make a contribution to it, you would go lengths to do it.

8. You have the flexibility to make adjustments

Be it sharing rooms with other volunteers, living in adverse conditions with limited facilities, sustaining in remote areas, doing extra time at projects, or not getting your favorite sushi; you have the skills to adjust to any kind of conditions, because what drives you the most is the dedication towards the program.

9.  Patience is your biggest virtue

Teaching Program and Childcare project, at several destinations, are two of the most preferred volunteer programs with VolSol. While both these involve children, it takes a lot of patience to handle an entire classroom and/or the center.

10. Travelling is your breathing apparatus

This is the main propellant for your several sojourns. A traveler may or may not be a volunteer, but a volunteer is and always will be a traveler. It was your craving for travelling that cemented the idea of taking up volunteering work abroad at the first place; ‘coz there can’t be a better way to travel than to take up a volunteer travelling.

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