Volunteer With Elephants

Where To Volunteer With Elephants in Asia in 2017?

It may come as a surprise to many, but elephant volunteering is a highly popular gap year activity. High school and college students, as well as animal welfare enthusiasts, look for opportunities abroad to work for the conservation of the wildlife, especially these giant mammals. Asia (mainly South and Southeast ...
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What To Expect From A Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Program

Life on this planet began with the nature blooming in different kinds of forms; the wildlife was one of them. Over several million years, the wildlife on earth has evolved significantly, with species emerging and getting extinct; and a new one emerging again. The Wildlife Conservation Volunteer program is an ...
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India Elephant project Jaipur

Where to Volunteer Abroad With Animals in 2017

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." These words by Anatole France is a clear indication of how much importance does animals have for the humankind. The love and affection for one’s pets is something that can be found at most places, however, there ...
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Affordable Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Programs Abroad

Can you name a living being from the present day era who have shared the space on earth with dinosaurs? Sea turtles! Yes. They have been existing from several millenniums now, but have hardly transformed from their original form. However, over the years, with increasing population and pollution, their existence ...
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volunteering in India

Explore Wildlife In India | Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering in India brings on a lot of new experiences, not least of which is the chance to discover an amazing land. As the seventh largest country in the world, India offers an incredible diversity of wildlife and landscapes. It is home to over 500 wildlife sanctuaries and thirteen biosphere ...
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Turtle Conservation Program

Top Reasons To Choose Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Projects

Everyone’s time is precious. We have limited time in which we can do things that truly matter to us. We have causes that we feel are of vital importance and to which we want to dedicate our resources. The culmination of our desire to help those that cannot help themselves ...
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Top 5 Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects

Wildlife conservation volunteer work across the globe offers a huge variety of projects from the National parks of South Africa to the deserts of Israel; from the coral reefs of Thailand and Cambodia to the rainforest of Peru. These projects are suitable for those who love animals and would like ...
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Wildlife conservation in South Africa

Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Work Abroad

If you have love for animals and you are looking to get out of your comfort zone to do something extraordinary, volunteering in wildlife and conservation projects is the right thing for you. Volunteering Solutions provide one of the most affordable and safe Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad options in 5 ...
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