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Best Volunteering Programs for Solo Travelers

The Best Volunteering Programs for Solo Travelers

While there are a bunch of travelers who are restless and always up for solo trips, there are others who are skeptic about venturing out alone, yet feel the tickles of wanderlust every now and then. If you are one of those who took the resolution to travel solo in ...
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Universal Children’s Day: 10 Facts To Show Why It’s Important

Every day we see so many children around us - the ones at our homes, who are endowed with the privileges that we provide them;  and those in the neighborhood, who are more or less equal to that of our own. Then there are those - the kids of our ...
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Volunteer In A Childcare Program This Children’s Day

November 20th, the day when the world celebrates joy, happiness, and betterment of children all over the globe. Incorporated by the assembly of the United Nations in 1954, the Universal Children’s Day is an event that is observed every year in consortium with UNICEF, who also takes care of children’s ...
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Tips For Volunteering At An Orphanage In India

The India orphanage volunteer programs have been creating a significant impact on the lives of many orphaned children in the country. These children come from diverse backgrounds. Some of them were abandoned by their parents, while others have single parents who can no longer support them. But the majority of these ...
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