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Volunteering In Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive Guidebook

Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southern India, Sri Lanka is a true paradise with picturesque beaches, tropical jungles, enchanting waterfalls, magnificent hills and stretches of tea plantation. The warm people of the island country will greet you with love, and make you feel at home in ...
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Essential Keys For Being A Successful Volunteer in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka, in the south of Asia, is a great destination for beach lovers. Volunteering Solutions offers some really exciting and affordable volunteer programs in Sri Lanka; highly apt for college students and high school teens. To volunteer in Sri Lanka, and a successful one, ...
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Teaching Volunteer Work in Sri Lanka

Benefits of Volunteer Teaching in Sri Lanka You Must Know

Sri Lanka, the coastal country in South of Asia, is known for its dedication towards buddhism and the series of palm fringed beaches. Every year a number of volunteers, on their gap year, choose Sri Lanka for volunteering abroad. Out of the many projects offered in the country, volunteer teaching ...
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Things To Do In Sri Lanka While Volunteering

With an amalgamation of rich cultural background, deep wildlife, scintillating marines, mind-blowing cuisines, warm and welcoming people, and abundance of historical evidence; the majestic land of Sri Lanka is most agreeably the Wonder of Asia. With a population of just above 20 million, Sri Lanka makes a perfect abode for ...
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10 Must Visit Sites While Volunteering In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country full of quintessential locations, some of which are also listed by UNESCO as the world heritage sites. Most of these locations are either located in or at a close proximity to the city of Colombo and Galle where Volunteering Solutions has its projects available. This ...
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turtle-conservation volunteer work in Sri-Lanka

8 Do’s and Don’ts while Volunteering in Sri Lanka

When traveling to a country there are certain things/activities one simply cannot afford missing out doing. Be it for making sure of a comfortable sojourn or for making the best of your travel experience. The same goes for the island nation of Sri Lanka.  However, when the purpose of travel ...
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