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Do’s And Don’ts While Volunteering In China

China is known for its progressive development and constant modernization. But the country still holds its cultural roots intact, and follows its age-old traditions religiously. While volunteering in China, one can have a wholesome and exciting sojourn by simply following few cultural nuances in order to avoid hurting the sentiments ...
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events in china

3 Events in China Every Volunteer Should Attend

China has known for its bright and colorful festivals celebrated all year round. Every festival has its own uniqueness, yet has certain similarities in terms of charm, enthusiasm in people, structure, etc. While every festival has a history behind it that goes thousands of years back, a lot of importance ...
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Things To Do in China

Things To Do In China While Volunteering

China, Oh wait!!! The People’s Republic of China (that’s what it is officially known as), the world’s most populated nation, the largest and most complex economies in the world, homeland to vibrant lifestyle and amazing views crafted by nature; the definition is clear I hope. Though it’s one of the ...
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