Things to do in peru

Things To Do in Peru While Volunteering

“When I taught something to them, they grasped it real quick and that was quite a satisfying and enjoyable part of my volunteering program. Spending time with those lovely kids was the highlight of my trip”. That is what Jinjoo Lee, one of the volunteers at a childcare program under ...
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The gorgeous circular terraced bowl of Moray are thought to be an experimental agricultural nursery for the Incas, with different micro-climates allowing for different varieties of corn to be planted at deeper levels of the circular bowl.

48 Hours – What to See and Do While Volunteering in Peru

Wikipedia says that Peru covers roughly 12.8lacs sq.kms of area on earth, but don't go by the sheer mathematical figures. The ancient Inca region has a lot on its plate than one can imagine. The world knows about the great Machu Picchu ruin located in Andean highlands, but there is ...
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Best Places To Volunteer In South America

South America is filled with colonial towns, tremendously diverse geography and ecosystem, splendid landscapes, and some of the most interesting and ancient cultures in the world. The area, however, has had a long history of colonization, civil wars, and unstable economies. Both these contrasting factors, collectively, makes South America a ...
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6 Reasons To Extend Your Stay While Volunteering In Peru

The South American country, Peru is known for its unique lifestyle that still heavily reflects the Inca civilization. While volunteering in the city of Cusco, you get to witness and experience the ruins of one of the earliest civilizations in the world; and that’s not it. There is lot of ...
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Medical Internship in Peru with VolSol

Medical Internship In Peru With Volunteering Solutions

Internship is considered to be one of the better and reliable ways that can help you in a good job. The training which interns receive during their internship tenure will surely set them apart from other people and it will surely put you on the right path of success and ...
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Volunteering in Cusco-Peru

Volunteer Projects in Peru | Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions offers a great opportunity for volunteers looking to work in meaningful projects in Peru. Joining the 3 Week Summer Special Program in Peru is a great way to spend your Summer wherein you would be working closely with Peruvians in different volunteer projects of your choice and also ...
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