8 Do’s And Don’ts While Volunteering In Ghana

Known to be the “Gateway to West Africa”, Ghana is fondly called the “Golden Child of West Africa”. This reflects the stature and importance this country holds in the entire continent. When volunteering in Ghana, you will experience an unparalleled hospitality from the locals. And this calls for being a ...
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dancing lesson in Ghana

Things To Do In Ghana While Volunteering

Ghana is a beautiful country to volunteer in and Tamale is bustling town to visit. Away from the overcrowded terrains, Tamale is the perfect destination to volunteer in as it gives you the Ghanaian taste of life but in a quieter atmosphere when compared to Accra. While you are volunteering ...
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Volunteer in Kenya & Ghana with Volunteering Solutions

Kenya and Ghana: African Volunteering Soujourn

Summer break is a great time for travelling, adventure abroad and spending time with family. Although summer school break comes in different months of the year depending on which country you are from, the opportunity it gives to students to venture in any endeavor or travel abroad is the same ...
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Top 5 Volunteer Programs for Children in Ghana

If you are planning to volunteer in Ghana, there are different types of programs that you can choose from. There are programs that focus on helping women such as the women empowerment program. There are also programs in the healthcare sector such as in the medical program. But among them, ...
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How to Reach Out the Needy Through Orphanage Volunteer Work Ghana

They say that there is a big gap between the rich and the poor. While this may be true, there is still a way that you can help bridge this gap. One way is through volunteering. Volunteering is about reaching out to the poor and serving them without expecting any ...
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volunteer work in Ghana with volsol

Why To Choose Community Development Volunteering in Ghana

Spend your holiday or take a gap year in Ghana to work in community based projects aiming to make a difference in lives of Ghanaians who are deprived of basic facilities related to health and education in their daily life. Whether you are taking a Gap year or a break ...
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