What To Expect From 2017 Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

Thailand is one of those handful of destinations in the world that show up in every traveler’s bucket list; at any given time of the year. However, it is the summer break time when most plan their trips abroad, especially, students planning their gap year. And what better could be ...
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Thailand Experience Voluntour – All You Need To Know About

Thailand is not just one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, but is also a highly preferred and popular destination amongst gap year travelers for volunteering abroad. Considering the heavy footfall of volunteers from around the world, looking for a great travel experience in Thailand, Volunteering Solutions ...
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Elephant volunteer work in Thailand

Best Volunteer Programs in Thailand

For the entire travel fraternity, it is a known fact that Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And, with so much to offer to its guests, such as adventure drives, shopping arcades, pristine beaches, spectacular bio-diversity, it is evident that Thailand is the choice ...
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10 Do’s And Don’ts While Volunteering In Thailand

It is self-explanatory and a ‘goes-without-saying’ fact that there are certain travel ethics, which one must abide by when in a foreign country. Each country has its own traditions, culture, and lifestyle, where one is ought to face a lot of cultural shocks. VolSol, hence, advice to follow these Do’s ...
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What To Expect From A Medical Internship Program In Thailand

Under medical internship program in Thailand, volunteers are placed at local hospitals in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The hospitals in which interns are placed are highly reputed and seek proper verification before granting a spot in the internship. Depending upon the time they can invest, volunteers can choose to intern ...
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One Month, Two social Causes – My Volunteering Experience in Thailand

I got the opportunity to be a part of two very important social causes in the rural parts of the Surin region in Thailand for one month; Medical Project and Childcare. The entire month was divided into each volunteering project with two weeks to each. It included 8 hours of ...
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Kindergarten project in Thailand - Bangkok

List Of Tasks To Be Done By A Volunteer In Thailand

As a placement organization we receive a lot of queries from interested volunteers related to their work schedule and the tasks involved for volunteering abroad. The task for a volunteer working under any kind of a project, at a given destination, depends on the type of that project as well ...
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Volunteering In Bangkok – Best Weekend Activity Options

Bangkok is certainly not an unknown destination for travelers and backpackers. In fact, it forms the muscle power for Thailand’s tourism industry; so much so that it became the most visited city in the world in the Forbes’ list of World’s Top 10 Most visited Cities. While volunteering in Bangkok ...
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volunteering in thailand

Things To Do In Bangkok-Thailand While Volunteering

Some call it ‘City of Smiles’, others like to say ‘City of Life’; whatever may the name be, the reality remains that Bangkok is one of the top most visited tourist destinations in the world. It has been named ‘World’s Best City’ by the Travel + Leisure magazine for four ...
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Why Should You Volunteer in Thailand With VolSol

Thailand is a land of beautiful temples, scintillating beaches and a celebrated natural aura. VolSol offers its volunteers with some fulfilling, fun filled volunteering opportunities that also aim at making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged lot in Thailand. We give you the best reasons to pick Thailand ...
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volunteer teaching program in Surin, Thailand

Benefits of Teaching Volunteer Program in Thailand

Surin, in North East Thailand, is located approximately 6 hours away from Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. A picturesque and quiet city, Surin offers one with volunteering opportunities in a teaching project that will surely be worthwhile and make a humongous amount of difference to the people you aid as ...
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Shopping in Thailand,chiang mai

Things To Do In Chiang Mai – Thailand While Volunteering

Voluntouring comes with a great deal of fun, after all, what’s better than earning some good karma while you travel ? Chiang Mai is the location where the soul of Thailand lies, It is away from the madding crowds and perfect to explore the countryside of Bangkok. The city offers ...
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11 Things Volunteers In Thailand Need To Know | Infographic

The land of smiles, Thailand, is a scintillating and exotic land with a thriving tourism industry but the country has its share of challenges, too. The wildlife, education and the health sector of the nation needs attention and upliftment. Volunteering in Thailand can be a very fulfilling experience as the ...
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Top 10 Things to do in Thailand | Volunteering Solutions

The land of exotic beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples and delectable cuisines, Thailand is a must visit for a travel enthusiasts and food zealots. One can indulge in adventure activities, spiritual nourishment, shopping, spa, temple hopping to Voluntouring in Thailand. Revitalize your senses and take a trip to Thailand but before ...
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girl-feeding-elephant in Thailand elephant camp

How You Can Benefit from Thailand Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in Thailand is not just about working without getting compensation. Although you will not be paid for your voluntary works, there are other benefits that you can get when you volunteer. And these are the priceless benefits that make volunteering an attractive opportunity for students and working professionals. To ...
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