We welcome and love to add new contributors to our community. Here’s what you need to know:

Word count: No minimums but posts typically run between 250-700 words.

Tone: Inclusive, accessible, and generally positive. Take a look around and see what we’ve previously posted.

Acceptance: We ask that posts submitted be unique, original and related to volunteering, internship, travel etc. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites. We will not accept posts that contains vulgarity, hate speech against any person or thing or country.

Once your posts go live, please share with your friends via email, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Volunteering Solutions Blog. If your post performs extremely well and become a regular contributor (one post a week), you can earn a spot on our homepage as an “Expert Author”.



By submitting to Volunteering Solutions Blog you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Volunteering Solutions editorial team.

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