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Nepal Is Reopening For International Travelers: Ready To Volunteer In Nepal?

If you have been dreaming of spending a few days in this Himalayan nation, gazing at the snow-clad peaks, gorging on delicious momos, and volunteering for a meaningful cause, serving the Nepalese society, then now is the time to plan and make things work. After two years of nearly zero ...
Volunteering Opportunities In Nepal

Meaningful & Affordable Volunteering Opportunities In Nepal For 2024

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries, where the highest peak of the world, Mt.Everest, stands. Those who are looking forward to traveling abroad and want to get engaged in something meaningful as volunteering can surely consider Nepal as one of the options. Also, Nepal has been marked as ...
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Best Things To Do On A Weekend While Volunteering In Nepal

"A trekkers' paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destinations." - That's exactly how the Lonely Planet describes this beautiful Himalayan hamlet, tucked between India and China. Marked as 'The Most Budget-Friendly Destination' in 2017, ...
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Volunteer In Nepal – A Comprehensive Guidebook

Volunteering in Nepal can be the most meaningful way of traveling to Nepal. As voluntourism is becoming popular with every passing day as more and more millennials are opting to travel abroad to contribute something back to society.  In this article, we have discussed the major questions that you probably ...

11 Reasons to Volunteer in Nepal | Infographic

Are you thinking of taking a gap year abroad, and wondering where exactly to go? How about a volunteer vacation in Nepal? A tiny Asian nation, tucked between the mighty democracies of India and China, this Himalayan hamlet is gorgeous beyond words can ever explain. Being a developing country that ...
Volunteer For Teaching Program In Nepal

Why Should You Volunteer For Teaching Program In Nepal?

In the beginning of 2015, Nepal faced one of the most deadliest wrath of nature in the form of two fatal earthquakes. That incident created an urgent need to volunteer in Nepal and provide support to make this God loving, peaceful, and a natural paradise country stand again. Nepal has, ...

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