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Are These Questions Stopping You From Volunteering Abroad?

A number of gap year travelers and backpackers set sail to volunteer abroad each year. And, this is a very significant number we are talking about. While the trend has only paced up in the past few years, there is still a big section of travelers who refrain from volunteering ...
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volunteering organization volsol

How To Decide The Volunteering Organization You Want To Work With?

So, you have decided to volunteer abroad but can't really decide which destination you must choose to go, what kind of program would suit you best, and how to decide about the volunteering organization you wanna go with? Feeling stuck there? These are some very common questions which anyone will ...
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Short Term Volunteer Abroad

Top 7 Countries For Short Term Volunteering Abroad in 2018

One would surely counter the idea of learning about a country in a fortnight, and rightly so. After all, it is just not possible to understand a nation, which has been established and been growing for centuries, in just a couple of weeks. But who said you cannot brush through ...
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Summer Volunteering Program

Why Should You Join The Summer Volunteering Program in 2018 [Infographic]

Do you really want us to convince you for doing some brilliant work during your summer break? Guess not! But we actually have some amazing plans that would not just brighten up your days, but also help you to indulge in a meaningful journey, making a difference to the world ...
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Amazing Volunteering Tips

9 Amazing Volunteering Tips That You Must Follow

All set for your volunteering journey abroad? We know that you are excited to travel to a faraway land and experience the goodness of making a difference to the lives of the underprivileged ones. But before that, we would like to tell you about some important volunteering tips which would ...
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International Women's Day

On This International Women’s Day, Cheers To Our Amazing Women Volunteers

International Women's Day, celebrated each year on March 8, is a day honoring women around the world. While every year, the aim to celebrate this day remains the same, the theme keeps changing. This year, the theme is #PressForProgress, and Volunteering Solutions feels happy to talk about all those courageous ...
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wildlife conservation volunteer projects

Be A Part Of Wildlife Conservation Projects – Volunteer Abroad With Animals

Wildlife conservation is an act of protecting the animal species and their natural habitat, for maintaining a proper ecological balance. The total population of the Earth is more than 7 billion - and with its ever increasing tendency, it is absolutely necessary to contribute towards the wildlife conservation, for the ...
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Best Volunteering Programs for Solo Travelers

The Best Volunteering Programs for Solo Travelers

While there are a bunch of travelers who are restless and always up for solo trips, there are others who are skeptic about venturing out alone, yet feel the tickles of wanderlust every now and then. If you are one of those who took the resolution to travel solo in ...
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Things To Do On A Weekend While Volunteering In Nepal

Best Things To Do On A Weekend While Volunteering In Nepal

"A trekkers' paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destinations." - That's exactly how the Lonely Planet describes this beautiful Himalayan hamlet, tucked between India and China. Marked as 'The Most Budget-Friendly Destination' in 2017, ...
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Reasons To Choose The Elephant 2 Beaches Voluntour In Thailand

Have you been living with the dreams of traveling to Thailand one day and do all the crazy things that you've been postponing since forever? There must be some reasons why millions of travelers and backpackers are heading towards this Southeast Asian Nation, that's often termed as 'The Land of ...
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Top 10 Volunteering & Internship Programs Abroad For 2018

Top 10 Volunteering & Internship Programs Abroad For 2018

We all have our plans for life that include the checklist of things that we wish to do and the places we wish to visit. We surely aspire to do something for our pleasure and also things that would add some happiness to someone else's life. The act of volunteering, ...
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Volunteering Experience

How Can A Volunteering Experience Take You A Step Ahead Than Your Peers

Apart from the fact that it fetches a sense of satisfaction, volunteering abroad can provide several other opportunities that are often overlooked. The word 'volunteering' is usually associated with a philanthropic act of giving and in most cases, the skills and experiences that the volunteer gains are neglected in the ...
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Why Should You Volunteer In Ghana in 2018?

Why Should You Volunteer In Ghana in 2018?

If you are thinking of heading towards Africa in 2018, and haven't yet decided where exactly to go - then we would happily suggest you to travel and volunteer in Ghana, in order to begin your African experience. While most of the people would choose to visit the beaches of ...
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volunteer program

Which Volunteer Program Is Best For Your Career Path?

Are you in a fix to decide which volunteering project would suit you best for your career ahead? No matter how many articles you read on the internet and how much people try to convince you about what's right and what's not - you should take the decision on your ...
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volunteer during Spring Break

Quiz: Where To Volunteer During Spring Break 2018?

Embarking on a volunteering journey abroad during the Spring Break is not a new concept – however, the idea of engaging with social work while traveling is getting more leverage than before and with every passing year, more and more millennials are taking the step out of their comfort zone ...
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Volunteering In 2018

5 Amazing Ways To Make A Difference By Volunteering In 2018

Just a couple of days more before the new year’s rays fall on us! 2018 is all set to make its grand arrival and most of us have already chalked out our travel resolutions for the new year. Everyone has something or the other in mind to do in the ...
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Short Term Volunteer Abroad

Voluntourism Will Continue To Be A Top Travel Trend In 2018

Volunteer travel, volunteer tourism, voluntourism - no matter by what name you call it, undeniably, this is the travel trend that's gonna rule in the year ahead. According to a 2015 survey by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase, 84% of millennials said that they would travel abroad to participate ...
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25 Amazing Photos That’ll Convince You To Volunteer Abroad In 2018

Have you ever volunteered for a good cause or at least, thought about making a difference to someone else's life? If yes, then you surely know what a blissful feeling it can be, to see someone smile warmly as a result of your kind act. And if not, then my ...
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volunteering opportunity abroad for 2018

Useful Tips To Find The Right Volunteering Opportunity For 2018

Volunteering abroad is undoubtedly a life-changing experience and one has to be careful about making the choices while planning it. There are countless volunteering opportunities that are available and one should choose a program that completely aligns with their interests. Here are some basic questions that will help you to ...
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Top 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ready to Explore the Top 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites While Volunteering Abroad?

To quote what the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has to say about the World Heritage Sites - "UNESCO seeks to encourage the identification, protection, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. What makes the concept of ...
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volunteer abroad this Christmas

Where You Can Volunteer This Christmas to Make a Difference

As winter slowly knocks the doors, there's the tinkling of the bells and merriment in the air - it's like an alarm to make us know that Christmas is here! It's time to share gifts and bake cakes, visit the family and friends, get dressed in that red coat which ...
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Volunteering in Costa Rica

Quiz: Which Conservation Project Should You Join To Volunteer In 2018?

Are you a nature lover? Do you love being with animals? Want to help them live a better life? This summer, travel abroad and volunteer for Nature's wellbeing. Volunteering Solutions has several Wildlife and Conservation Projects in different parts of the world, where you can contribute in your way in ...
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volunteer in Africa

Top 6 Volunteering Destinations in Africa for 2018

Africa has always been an intriguing travel destination with a variety of experiences to offer to the travelers. Globally popular for being a great adventure destination, Africa is emerging as one of the highly chosen volunteering destinations in the world as well. A number of gap year students travel to ...
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facts about children

Universal Children’s Day: 10 Facts To Show Why It’s Important

Every day we see so many children around us - the ones at our homes, who are endowed with the privileges that we provide them;  and those in the neighborhood, who are more or less equal to that of our own. Then there are those - the kids of our ...
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volunteering experience

Experiences Shared By 5 Incredible Volunteers Who Traveled Abroad To Serve The Society

Time and again, our volunteers keep sharing their experiences with us through feedbacks and reviews. While each of them has different stories, for us, it's the love and dedication with which they join our programs with the hope to add some happiness to the lives of others. Here are the ...
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Pre-Med Volunteer Project Abroad

11 Recommended Pre-Med Volunteering Programs Abroad For 2018

If you are a pre-med student wondering how to gain first-hand work experience, then we have the perfect medical volunteering programs to offer you. Volunteering Solutions provides the best and affordable projects in 11 countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Peru and Costa ...
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Are You Looking For An Alternative Spring Break Volunteering Program For 2018?

To put it in the words of Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Winter is almost here, and Spring isn't far behind. You might be stuck with thoughts about what to do during those 2 weeks of your break! Just imagine how wonderful it can be ...
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Top 10 Affordable Volunteering Destinations To Explore In 2018

The year 2017 is inching towards its last quarter and many of you travelers, backpackers, gap year travelers, etc. must be getting ready to design your next years’ travel itinerary. Volunteering abroad is one of the most useful and meaningful ways to travel abroad, and it only makes sense to ...
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Volunteer Abroad For Free

How to Volunteer Abroad For Free | Volunteering Solutions

The concept of traveling has changed manifold in the recent years and with every passing day, more and more millennials are taking volunteer trips abroad, in order to add some values to their travel experiences. Volunteering abroad is the best opportunity to share one's knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm while exploring ...
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Volunteer Abroad Programs for High School Students

Best Volunteering Opportunities For High School Students In 2018

Are you planning on volunteering in 2018 and want to explore a new destination while engaging yourself in some kind of social work abroad? Or have you just finished your high school and still haven’t decided what next to do in life and looking for some alternate career options? Then ...
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Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs 2018

Top Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs 2018

So you had a blasting summer this year, or maybe not. In both the cases, you definitely must be looking forward to the next years’ summer time. And since this year is inching towards its end, travelers around the world have already started planning their next year's’ summer trips. One ...
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Summer Volunteer Programs

10 Reasons To Choose Summer Volunteer Abroad Projects In 2018

Would you choose to waste your summer break doing nothing? Or would you make a sensible choice of opting for a volunteering project and making the most of your time by doing something meaningful? While the first one is easier to choose, the second one will surely take you a ...
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Summer Volunteer Abroad Destinations 2018

Where Should You Volunteer In Summer 2018?

The concept of 'voluntourism' is gaining a lot of importance nowadays as more and more millennials are setting out for distant lands to explore and make a meaningful contribution towards the society. If you've been planning a volunteering trip during summer 2018, then now is the perfect time to decide ...
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High School Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad Programs For High School Students & Teens

Fresh out from high school, many teenagers opt to go for the experiential journey of volunteering abroad. What, however, comes along as a slight obstruction is the selection of the destination and choosing of the correct program. Although volunteering abroad needs no extra-terrestrial skills but sheer motivation and dedication, still ...
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India summer volunteering program

India Summer Volunteering Program 2018 – An Overview

While planning for holidays the one thing that figures in everyone’s bucket list is a perfect summer trip abroad. A trip that is affordable, fun, safe and gives us an authentic cultural experience of the country that we plan to travel to. One of the best ways to get this ...
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Volunteer In Asia

Destinations To Volunteer In Asia In 2018 | VolSol

2017 is almost set to wrap up, and as 2018 starts knocking at our doorsteps, we all hope to be a little wiser, more patient, more loving and caring and try to make each day worth living. Many of you might have already planned what all you’re going to do ...
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volunteering abroad 101

Volunteering Abroad 101: Everything That You Must Know

The thought of traveling abroad, amalgamated with an intention of doing something meaningful for others, is indeed exciting. Hundreds of thousands of people are setting sail every year for contributing effectively towards the society and aiming to make this world a better place to live. Be it high school students ...
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A Medical Volunteer’s Experience – The Story Of Daniela Juarez Meza

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde. Being a volunteer abroad isn't an easy task! You need to step out of your comfort zone and travel for miles before you finally reach your destination. Often, the places where you'll have to work ...
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volunteer abroad in summer 2017

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer During Summer 2018?

From Tanzania in Africa to Cambodia in Asia - Volunteering Solutions has some amazing Summer Volunteer Adventure Programs that are crafted exclusively for you! Whether you are a high school student or a gap year traveler, summer is the best time to pack your bags and set out for your ...
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volunteer with elephants in asia

Where To Volunteer With Elephants in Asia in 2018?

It may come as a surprise to many, but elephant volunteering is a highly popular gap year activity. High school and college students as well as animal welfare enthusiasts look for opportunities abroad to work for the conservation of the wildlife, especially for these gentle giants. Asia (mainly South and ...
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book your volunteer abroad spot in advance

Why Should You Book A Spot For Volunteering Abroad In Advance?

Ever wondered why there is a system for booking things in advance? That's because everyone looks to get hold of the best that is at offer; volunteering abroad is one such activity. Over the years, the trend has shown that a maximum number of people take up volunteering abroad during their ...
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volunteer abroad for winter break 2017-2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad For Winter Break 2017-2018

You've already wasted a lot of time dreaming about traveling to your favorite destination. You missed the chance of doing some good work during your Summer Break and kept liking others' photographs on Social Media. You thought several times about volunteering abroad, but for some reason or the other, your ...
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affordable volunteer abroad programs for 2018

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2018 | Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been providing incredible volunteer abroad opportunities to hundreds of people from all across the world, since 2007. Each year, the number of volunteers who traveled overseas has increased and they all contributed effectively towards making a better society for the natives. Not only did they share ...
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summer volunteer abroad programs for 2018

Top Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2018

Volunteering abroad endows you with the scope to travel and explore a country with the locals, and the experience you gather would last a lifetime. Summer is the best time for interested candidates to set sail and travel abroad to volunteer. Most of the high school/ college/ university students aim ...
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volunteer abroad destinations for 2018

Top 10 Volunteer Abroad Destinations For 2018

2017 has been a great year and Volunteering Solutions hosted thousands of volunteers from different parts of the world, who traveled to distant lands to make some difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones. Each one who has been a part of the journey is no less than an ...
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Volunteering In Peru: A Comprehensive Guidebook

Once upon a time, it was the land where the Incas ruled. Peru, undoubtedly, is one of the gorgeous countries of the world, that's home to the lush green Amazon rainforest and the ruins of Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city in the Andes mountains. The land had evolved immensely ...
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visit These UNESCO World Heritage Sites While Volunteering Abroad

The World Heritage Sites are landmark areas recognized by the United Nations, under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), due to their cultural, geographical, historical, scientific or some other form of significance. These sites are protected by international treaties and considered to be important for the humanity ...
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Volunteering solutions accommodation

Highlights of Volunteering Solutions Accommodation

One of the major differences between a volunteer trip abroad and a regular holiday is the kind of living arrangements you get. While on a regular vacation, you live in a hotel or guest house accommodation where the setup is moderately luxurious, on a volunteer vacation you get to live ...
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Medical Volunteering In Tanzania

6 Reasons To Take Up Medical Volunteering In Tanzania In 2018

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness and the "Big 5" of the animal kingdom. Visited often by wildlife enthusiasts and safari lovers, the country has a huge demand for medical volunteers who can contribute effectively towards the developing society. Volunteering Solutions offers affordable opportunities to ...
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volunteer in Ghana

Volunteering in Ghana: A Comprehensive Guidebook

“Ghana will not be built in a day. But it should be built every day and the body that houses the eyes reading this owns the hands that will ensure this.” - Nana Awere Damoah Ghana is said to be West Africa's golden child. Traveling to Ghana is a doorway ...
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Low Cost Volunteer Trip Abroad

Steps To Follow While Planning For A Low Cost Volunteer Trip Abroad

Traveling abroad seems like an expensive venture but to be very honest, if the planning is done correctly then one can actually explore at a much cheaper rate. All you need is to do a proper research about where you want to go, why you want to go and what ...
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Service Learning And Volunteering

A Comparative Study Between Service Learning And Volunteering

In this 21st Century, just getting a college degree isn't enough and once you step out of college to approach the job arena, you'll realize that there are millions in the race that you are running. All it requires to win is to make some extra efforts during those college ...
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volunteer in Sri Lanka

Volunteering In Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive Guidebook

Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southern India, Sri Lanka is a true paradise with picturesque beaches, tropical jungles, enchanting waterfalls, magnificent hills and stretches of tea plantation. The warm people of the island country will greet you with love, and make you feel at home in ...
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under 18 volunteer abroad

Everything That An ‘Under 18’ Volunteer Traveler Needs To Know

Traveling has now become safer than it ever was, and teenagers from all across the world are taking the bold step of stepping out of their comfort zone and traveling abroad to get engaged to philanthropic projects. At a tender age, it might often be difficult to decide about things ...
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volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering In Nepal – A Comprehensive Guidebook

Voluntourism, the concept of meaningful traveling, is becoming popular with every passing day as more and more millennials are opting to travel abroad to contribute something back to the society. With the aim of touching several lives all across the globe, Volunteering Solutions also started its journey back in the ...
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volunteering solutions

Polishing The Identity of Volunteering Solutions: A Transformation of The Logo And The Website

On completing 10 successful years, Volunteering Solutions is now set to unveil the changed and upgraded website along with a brand new logo. It's an honor and a matter of pride that we have served the society for a decade and we hope to reach out to thousand more lives ...
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volunteering abroad

5 Things You Need To Know Before Volunteering Abroad

In the past decade, there has been a rapid growth in the number of volunteers traveling all across the world in order to make some meaningful contribution towards the underprivileged societies in the weaker economic regions. Are you also thinking of volunteering abroad? If your answer is 'Yes', then there ...
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Remember These Safety Tips While Volunteering Abroad

When you plan for your volunteering journey abroad, one natural question that'll surely strike you is - "Will I be safe?" While volunteer trips can be incredible on the one hand, they can be quite dangerous if the correct safety measures aren't followed. Moreover, when you choose to embark on ...
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Volunteering Experience

Big Smiles From China – Christina Li’s Volunteering Experience

Christina Li, a high school passout who had just finished her 12th Grade from Mac Robertson Girls High School, Australia, came to volunteering for the Teaching Project in Shanghai. She has always been intrigued about volunteering with children, and finally, after completing high school, sho got the opportunity to travel ...
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International Women’s Day

Powerful Quotes By Women Who Stood For Change #BeBoldForChange

International Women's Day was first observed as a popular event after 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women's rights and world peace. On the 40th anniversary of the initiation of the event, we want to pay gratitude ...
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free travel apps

Free Travel Apps To Download Before Leaving For A Volunteer Trip

In this 21st Century, life has become easier in all spheres. The hassles related to traveling abroad has been reduced manifold due to the technological advancement. The smartphone is one such discovery that has immensely helped travelers since the time of its inception and with each passing day, more and ...
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Volunteer Abroad

Why Is It Necessary To Volunteer Abroad Through An Organization?

When you decide to take a volunteer trip abroad, there might be several thoughts that would clutter your mind, pushing you to have sleepless nights! On one hand, you’ll have the excitement to of setting out for something new and on the other hand, you’ll be boggled thinking how to ...
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volunteer journey in India

Volunteer Journey in India with Volunteering Solutions

India has always been one of the most favored and budget friendly destinations. People from all across the world travel to India to explore the richness of the land, learn about the history and cultural amalgamations, and also to experience the geographical diversities that the country has to offer. Volunteers ...
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Volunteer in Africa in 2018

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer In Africa in 2018?

The second largest continent in the world, Africa has something special about it. Be it the vast golden beaches or the sandy Sahara desert, be it the ancient pyramids of Egypt or the magnificent wildlife of Serengeti National Park - each of the 54 African countries have something or the ...
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volunteer in India

Volunteering In India – A Comprehensive Guidebook

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi. Since ages, people from all across the world traveled to India - some came to see and adore the beauty of the land, while a few came to conquer, some came to ...
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intern abroad

Best Internship Abroad Opportunities For Students In 2018

Before we talk about the best internship opportunities that are provided by Volunteering Solutions in different countries of the world, let us talk about why internships are important for students. As they say, “You need the experience to gain experience!” This seems to be the real concern for millennials who ...
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volunteer abroad programs for college students

Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs For College Students

If you are a college student looking for an ‘Alternative Break’ program or taking a gap year to decide about what next to do in life - then you should definitely considering volunteering abroad. And you should know that you aren’t alone in this. Thousands of students from all over ...
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Overcome Language Barriers While Volunteering

Essential Tips To Overcome Language Barriers While Volunteering Abroad

Traveling abroad is a creative mix of thrill, adventure, learning, and challenges. It is, in fact, the travel challenges that creates the thrill and adventure and helps you to learn a lot of new things. However, at times there are a few travel challenges that can get a bit on ...
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volunteer opportunities for teens

Volunteer Abroad Programs For 17 Years Old | Teen Volunteering

Are You 17-Year-Old And Looking For A Volunteering Opportunity Abroad? If your answer is “YES”, then I hope you’ll find solutions to all your worries in this article. 17 is that age bar when you are out of High School and messed up about what next to do in life ...
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Volunteer In Thailand

Volunteer In Thailand – A Comprehensive Guidebook

This guidebook will take you through all the questions that might be lingering on your mind since the time you have had the thought of volunteering abroad. Let’s take a quick glance at what this guidebook will talk about: Prologue Why should I volunteer abroad Why should I volunteer in ...
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Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Differently: Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner

-“I’m planning a surprise for you.” - “What is it? Don’t make me anticipate about it.” - “We are going for a volunteering trip abroad and work with little ones there.” This sounds extremely good, isn’t it? Well, even you can surprise your partner by planning something incredible. And who ...
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Volunteer In Kerala

5 Best Volunteer Experience Tales From Those Who Traveled Abroad in 2016

2016 has been an amazing year for volunteers who traveled from all across the world to different destinations and explored their passion of working for societal development. While each of them worked in different fields, contributed diversely and gather various experiences - Here are the 5 best experience tales from ...
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volunteer in Asia in 2018

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer in Asia in 2018?

Enough of scratching your head! It’s time to take the quiz and make decision making simpler. If you’ve been wondering where to go to volunteer in Asia, we are here to help you out. Just play this quiz and answer according to your preferences - we shall tell you where ...
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Destinations To Volunteer Abroad in 2017

Top 5 Destinations To Volunteer Abroad in 2017

So many destinations to cover, so many things to do and so little time - as another year is about to end, many of us are sitting with our checklist and figuring out what all we missed doing this year! And as 2016 is almost on the verge of winding ...
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what to Pack While Traveling

15 Essential Things To Pack While Traveling Abroad To Volunteer

While the excitement of traveling abroad to volunteer will keep you on your toes, you need to do  mindful planning about packing the stuff before setting out for your journey. While certain things would be available at your destination, it is advisable to not take a risk and carry things ...
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Volunteer this christmas

Be A Santa – Travel Abroad To Volunteer This Christmas

The winters are knocking at the doors, and the fragrance of merriment is all around - because Christmas is approaching! Lights will brighten the streets, Santa’s song will be played, and the aroma of cakes will be in the air. Perhaps you’ll decorate that Christmas tree, and get a lot ...
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How Volunteering is A Trump of Traveling Abroad

No need to get all jazzed up here. We are not talking about the newly elected (45th) president of the United States. Traveling and volunteering is what’s more important than any other thing; we believe. And, that’s exactly what this is all about. On a different note, however, the sheer ...
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Internship Abroad

An Unpaid Internship Abroad Opportunity That’s Worth A Fortune

An unpaid internship will not get you anywhere in your career; is what something you may find everywhere on the internet. No matter where you search or what you read, all you will find are articles and reports suggesting and recommending to stay away from an unpaid internship opportunity. And, ...
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budget volunteer vacations

5 Exciting Volunteer Vacations For Families On A Shoestring Budget

As the holiday season of winter is inching closer, friends and families have started planning their trips abroad. This is the time when people mostly travel around in huge numbers; mostly family vacations. One very cost effective and popular travel trend during winter holidays is taking a family volunteer vacation ...
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Volunteer work

How Volunteer Work Can Help in Career Enhancement

All our life, we chase and try to achieve goals that we set before us. Once we do that, we aim for higher and more abstract goals. All this is done in order for career enhancement and professional growth. However, achieving a goal takes a lot of persistence and hard work ...
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World Heritage Sites

Quiz: Which Volunteer Destinations These Heritage Sites Belong To?

Heritage sites are the reflection of a country’s rich history and its enigmatic culture. Be it a man made piece of architecture, or a naturally formed, exquisite, landscape; heritage sites of the world are what makes traveling worth it. Volunteering Solutions offer placement in 20+ destinations all over the world ...
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book your volunteer abroad spot in advance

Top Spring Break Volunteer Destinations For Students in 2018

When winter is here, can spring be far away? - 2018 has set in with loads of good things in store, and as the Spring Break is nearing, Volunteering Solutions has a lot of interesting and affordable projects for those looking for Alternative Spring Break Options. Spring Break is the ...
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Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

What To Expect From Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

Thailand is one of that handful of destinations in the world that show up on every traveler’s bucket list; at any given time of the year. However, it is the summer break time when most plan their trips abroad, especially, students planning their gap year. And what better could be ...
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Volunteering in Morocco

How Volunteering In Morocco Can Be A Unique Experience

Africa is arguably one of the most popular travel regions, especially, when it comes to adventure travel. Jungle safaris, tribal communities, extensive wildlife, all these, and more, have become a trademark of a typical African travel experience. Volunteering in Morocco, on the other hand, provides a unique proposition when it ...
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Volunteer Destinations

What Your Choice Of Volunteer Destination Says About Your Personality

Traveling can be a really intriguing thing if taken as a factor to visualize and perceive personal attributes. It escalates its precision of judgement several notches if the traveling is done for the purpose of volunteering abroad. Choosing a destination to travel, and that too, to volunteer abroad can say ...
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Volunteering Projects For High School Students

Best Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students During Gap Year

Volunteering abroad is one of the key elements of a gap year travel. Once done with their high school, many students choose not to apply for college or university, and rather take a year off to travel the world and experience the adventures of traveling. Volunteering Solutions offer a wide ...
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10 Peculiar Differences Between A First Time Traveler and A Vagabond

There are travelers of different kinds in this world. While some like to take leisure holidays, there are those, as well, who look for a backpacking adventure trip. The latter are the ones we, sometimes, refer to as the vagabonds. In the list of these vagabonds are those who travel ...
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volunteer opportunities for Australians

Volunteer Opportunities for Australians in Asia in 2017

Before we unfold those volunteer opportunities for Australians in 2017, let us take a sneak peak into the fact that has led us here. If you take out the list of countries that travel the most (locally and internationally), you’ll find Australia in the top 10 of each of these ...
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turtle conservation volunteer abroad program

What To Expect From A Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Program

Life on this planet began with the nature blooming in different kinds of forms; the wildlife was one of them. Over several million years, the wildlife on earth has evolved significantly, with species emerging and getting extinct; and a new one emerging again. The Wildlife Conservation Volunteer program is an ...
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benefits of volunteering abroad

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad You Should Be Aware About

Volunteering… an act of altruism, a pathway of good deeds and self-satisfaction, a way of giving it back to the society. Every other person who enrolls in this activity, in one way or more, have experienced the many benefits of volunteering abroad. They have a definition of their own and ...
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how-to-stay-healthy while volunteering

Health Tips To Keep in Mind While Volunteering Abroad

The preparation for a trip abroad involves a lot of planning and designing. And when the trip is to volunteer abroad, it becomes all the more important to make sure nothing is missed out on. Believe it or not, but amidst flight bookings and online research about the volunteer destination, ...
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Quiz: Which Volunteer Abroad Program Fits You The Best?

In our last quiz, you came to know what kind of volunteer traveler you are! Now it's the turn to find out which program will suit you the best.It can get really tedious work when it comes to deciding the ideal volunteer abroad program for yourself. There are a number ...
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Volunteer For Teaching Program In Nepal

Why Should You Volunteer For Teaching Program In Nepal?

In the beginning of 2015, Nepal faced one of the most deadliest wrath of nature in the form of two fatal earthquakes. That incident created an urgent need to volunteer in Nepal and provide support to make this God loving, peaceful, and a natural paradise country stand again. Nepal has, ...
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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Volunteer Experience

There are a number of benefits to volunteering, whether abroad or at home, that one can expect.  From gaining valuable real-world volunteer experience and developing new skills to expanding your professional network and exploring new occupations; the list is a long one. One study found that students who take a ...
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Meaning of ARMS in Volunteering

This is What Forms The A.R.M.S. of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering Abroad… a concept which is highly popular within the millennial travelers. Students on their gap year and backpackers looking for a meaningful expedition take volunteering abroad to fulfill their desire. This is, arguably, the only kind of traveling abroad which benefits not just the traveler but an entire community ...
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How to Volunteer Abroad Keeping a Balance Between Safety and Adventure

Volunteering, studying, or even just visiting abroad is always an exciting venture. Especially straight out of school, or newly graduated, travelling as a young adult is an inevitable learning experience, an eye opener, and more than anything it will provide you with memories that you’ll never forget. Volunteering abroad, especially, ...
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volunteer in Ghana

The Science Behind Altruistic Behavior Leading to Happiness

Want to be happier? Simple acts of kindness may be the answer. Genuinely smile at a stranger. Do a favor for a friend. Give someone a compliment. Help those in need. Consider giving your time to a nonprofit that could really use your help. It’s all those little things that ...
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Obama's daughter Malia Obama

Why Malia Obama’s Gap Year Plan Is An Inspiration to Many

Ever since the news has flashed from the White House that Malia Obama, the eldest of President Obama’s two daughters, will be taking a gap year, before starting her freshman year at Harvard in the fall of 2017, it has turned more faces towards the entire concept of gap year ...
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right age to attend different volunteer programs abroad

Different Volunteer Projects Abroad And Right Age To Attend

I’ll start with a contradiction to the title saying that there is actually no right age to attend volunteer programs abroad. Volunteering is an act of altruism which is not just a social responsibility but an action conducted to bring about a positive change in the society. As responsible human ...
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volunteering in Thailand

My Volunteering Experience in Thailand – Ayla Oden

Last summer, I was desperately looking for a new adventure. I would convince a friend to go backpacking with me one week, and they would back out the next. While I found the search for a travel companion hopeless, I was still determined to go somewhere- do something exciting- that ...
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