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best international volunteer opportunities

Best International Volunteer Opportunities For Solo Travelers

While there are a bunch of travelers who are restless and always up for solo trips, there are others who are skeptical about venturing out alone, yet feel the tickles of wanderlust every now and then. If you are one of those who took the resolution to travel solo in ...
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5 Popular Short Term Volunteering Abroad Destinations 2023 – 2024

Volunteering abroad is increasingly becoming popular among people who want to make a difference in the world. Short-term volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience and make meaningful connections while exploring a new culture. The benefit of short-term volunteering is that you can fit these programs during your ...
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How to Volunteer Abroad as a Nurse

Volunteering abroad as a nurse is a great way to make a difference in the world while also gaining valuable experience. It's also an awesome opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures! If you're interested in volunteering abroad as a nurse, read on to find out how you can ...
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wildlife volunteering

Best Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2023 – 2024

When you think about volunteering overseas, it's easy to imagine children in Africa or adults in South America. But there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife conservation volunteers throughout Europe and Asia, too! If you love animals and want the opportunity to help save them from extinction, here are some ...
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volunteer abroad destinations for Spanish speakers

Best Volunteer Abroad Destinations for Spanish Speakers and Learners

Volunteering is a great way to improve your Spanish language skills, immerse yourself in a new culture, and make a positive impact on local communities. If you're a Spanish speaker or a learner looking for opportunities to practice your Spanish language while you volunteer, here are some of the best ...
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How Volunteering as a Medical Intern in Spain Opens a World of Opportunities

Have you ever considered going abroad to gain invaluable medical experience? If not, you should definitely consider it! Volunteering abroad is a great way to gain international work experience, make a positive impact on a community, and enhance your future career.  If you're looking for a way to push your ...
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Volunteers with kids

What You Must Know before Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience for secondary school and university students and young people looking for productive ways to maximise their 2023 summer holidays.  However, volunteering abroad isn't an opportunity to go sightseeing. From building houses to developing new skills, volunteering abroad offers a learning experience that no ...
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Group Volunteers

Group Volunteering 101: Why It’s the Best Kind of Travel

If you and your friends are craving adventure and want to explore various places you haven't been to before, going abroad is one of the best things to try. After all, you discover and do things you rarely do in your home country. Furthermore, you learn different things, such as ...
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Volunteer check up

5 Essential Tips on Packing for a Volunteering Trip

If you're planning a volunteering trip, congratulations! You're about to embark on a rewarding experience that will make a difference in the lives of others. But before you head out the door, you'll need to pack your bags. What you pack will depend on where you're going and what you'll ...
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female volunteer working

The Biggest Gap Year Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Gap years are great opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of your future goals and values and experience some never-before-seen travel destinations. However, they can also be a time of massive mistakes and missed opportunities. The following are some of the most common gap year mistakes that students make and ...
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male volunteer with students

Ecuador: Top Reasons You Need to Volunteer Here

Volunteering in other countries is a great way to gain new skills and knowledge while also helping those in need. Not only will you be able to make a difference in the lives of others, but you'll also get to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn more about ...
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TOP places to volunteer in 2023!

Best Places to Volunteer Abroad in 2023 – 2024

When it comes to traveling abroad, we all get super excited thinking about the new land we'll get to visit and all the amazing places we'll explore. But for once, think how wonderful it would be when you choose to volunteer abroad during your next trip and make a difference ...
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volunteers taking a photo

How to Prepare for Interning Abroad – Part 1

An internship is a great way to gain experience in your desired field and make connections in the industry. It can be difficult to land a good internship, but it's worth it to put in the effort. Once you have an internship on your resume, you will be much more ...
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volunteering in costa rica with kids

4 Reasons to Make Costa Rica Your Next Volunteer Destination

No matter what your skills or background, there are always ways you can help out and make a difference in your community. Volunteering is a great way to give back and can be extremely rewarding. Once you do volunteer work, you should also consider where you would go. There are ...
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volunteer teaching a class

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad as a Teacher

There are many reasons why you might want to volunteer abroad as a teacher. Maybe you’re interested in exploring new cultures and communities, or perhaps you want to make a difference in the lives of others. Whatever your motivations, teaching abroad can be a hugely rewarding experience. Here are some ...
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medical intern taking patient's blood pressure

Fantastic Reasons to Pursue International Medical Internships

You might want to consider a medical internship abroad for many reasons. Perhaps you want to gain experience in a new country, learn a new language, or broaden your horizons.  Whatever your reasons, there are many great opportunities available for medical interns abroad. Medical internships abroad are a fantastic opportunity ...
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winter break volunteer programs abroad

Why Animal Volunteering Is Such a Rewarding Experience

Volunteering with animals can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to help care for and protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society, but you also get to form close bonds with the creatures you're helping.  Animal volunteering can take many different forms, from ...
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5 Reasons To Volunteering Abroad With Children is So Worthwhile

Volunteering abroad in a childcare capacity is a rewarding experience that can be life-changing for you and the children you work with. Even if you are not a professional social worker, you can give children the love and attention they need. Most of these children have suffered severe hardships in ...
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Student on a Gap Year Travelling

Why Consider a Gap Year and How to Make the Most Out of It

Gap years are gaining popularity, especially among high school graduates and college students. This is a period usually lasting one year, in which a person does not attend a school or work but instead focuses on other activities. These activities include travel, volunteering, internships, and other personal pursuits. Read on ...
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Why You Should Consider Internship in Peru

An internship is a job that medical students often do to gain experience in the medical field. Internships are important as they allow students to learn in a challenging but safe environment. A medical internship provides an opportunity to develop yourself both personally and professionally. If you want an extra ...
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6 Great Reasons to Come Forward and Volunteer in India

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the world, and there are many different ways to do it, as well as places to offer your time and effort. If you've never been to India, you should add it to your list. India has something for everyone, whether you're ...
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volunteering abroad volunteering experience

Volunteering Experience With VolSol: Here’s What Our Amazing Volunteers Had To Say

Your journey is all about the experiences - and we know how much it matters to you! Over the years, we’ve been hosting people from different parts of the world - who came with us to the remotest corners of the Earth and touched lives in the most wonderful manner ...
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Why It’s Worth Volunteering Abroad in Your Gap Year

Volunteering abroad is a great way to see the world, meet new people, and make a difference in the lives of others. It's also a great way to take a break from your everyday life and learn new skills, so why not take this time to make the most of ...
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dental health

Why You Should Consider a Medical Internship Abroad

An internship overseas used to be viewed as a luxury that was only accessible to those with the time and resources to afford it. But now, any medical student can have an international medical internship because of grants and scholarships from institutions and charitable organisations. Internship programmes also work with ...
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winter break volunteer programs abroad

Top Alternative Winter Break Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2023 – 2024

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs. Have you been wondering where to travel this winter and make the most of your Christmas Break while doing something different yet meaningful? Well, my friend, you should ...
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This Is Why You Should Volunteer in Bali

Volunteering in Bali is a fantastic experience where you can immerse yourself in the Balinese, soak in the clear waters, and feel like you’re living the dream. Volunteer vacations are the newest craze and a wonderful way to travel while also helping others. Indeed, this kind of activity is perfect ...
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Children playing

The Incredible Benefits of Volunteer Sports Teaching Abroad

Volunteer teaching or coaching is a great way to get fit and give back to your community. You can use your knowledge and passion for fitness to help others reach their fitness goals. In addition to getting fit yourself, you can make a difference in someone else's life. Volunteers who ...
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Top Reasons Why You Should Intern in Australia Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article. If you have not read the first part, check it out first. Now that you are more familiar with some of the most common reasons why you should intern in Australia, below are more reasons to do so. Keep reading below ...
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Top Reasons Why You Should Intern in Australia – Part 1

This is the first in a two-part article. Check out the second part after reading the first part below. Have you been seeking a place to conduct your internship? Well, what better place than Australia? For some, Australia may not be the first place they think of, while others may ...
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volunteer with elephant

5 Great Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Abroad Opportunities

Volunteering to take care of all kinds of wildlife and help out with conservation is a great way to help them while also having fun and observing unique creatures. Animals in shelters or in the wild need help with conservation and general care, and volunteers can provide this. The objective ...
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volunteering experience

5 Ways You Can Ease Reverse Culture Shock When Traveling

Reverse culture shock is a feeling of disorientation that can occur when you return to your home country after living in another country.  This can be caused by the sudden change in your surroundings, the people you interact with and the way you are expected to behave. Reverse culture shock ...
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feeding horses

Animal Volunteer Opportunities Abroad: 6 Types to Try

Animals are essential in our lives, and the balance of our ecosystem depends on their presence. No matter their shape and size, they can steal a person’s heart. If you want to work with animals as a career or give time to something you’re passionate about, you should consider animal ...
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volunteer with elephants

Can Animal Volunteering Bring You a Connection with Nature

Volunteering allows people to form closer bonds with animals, which also helps them engage more with nature. Along with this, wildlife volunteering abroad or locally also helps them to gain a unique experience that has a variety of additional benefits, ranging from relieving stress to improving physical health. As the ...
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Volunteer check up

What Are the Benefits of Medical Volunteer Projects Abroad?

Contrary to popular belief, medical students don't study to earn much money. Many of them study because they want to help others. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, doctors and nurses worldwide made great sacrifices to help patients and others in need. Today, if you're a doctor or health professional, you ...
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smiling medical volunteers

Ways to Know if Your Medical Mission Trip Is Worth It

How do you know that the medical mission you were in was ethical and safe? This basic checklist will help you determine the organization's ethical quality. If the answers are vague or non-existent, that organization isn't worth your time or money. 1. How Is the Organization Structured You need to ...
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medical volunteer

What to Know About International Medical Internships Before You Apply: Part 2

As we tackled in our previous article on What to Know About International Medical Internships, striving med students can expand their horizons and take their education, experience, and expertise to the next level by doing a medical internship abroad.  As a result of a constantly changing, evolving health system, we ...
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medical interns and volunteers

What to Know about International Medical Internships before You Apply: Part 1

The UK has become a much more popular destination for international medical internships as medical schools face an ever-increasing gap between the number of medical graduates and the lack of opportunities for them to work in the UK. This is where international medical internships come into play! Training abroad can ...
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volunteers planting trees

The Best Places for Short-Term Volunteer Programs Abroad

Are you taking a break from school or work and don’t know what to do with your time? Maybe, you should consider volunteering. Volunteering does not only look good on your resume, but it also gives you opportunities and experiences like never before. Plus, it is all done for a ...
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volunteers group pictures

Valuable Pieces of Advice to Become an Effective Volunteer

Volunteering is a meaningful and fulfilling endeavour that an individual can pursue. With the countless volunteering opportunities available, it is just a matter of choosing a cause that personally interests you.  Being a volunteer is a wonderful way to give back to the community. While it is fulfilling, it is ...
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The Best Ways You Can Volunteer for Animals Today

Have you ever thought of volunteering in an animal shelter? If you love animals, then you should definitely do it. Volunteering is not only beneficial for animals but for humans as well. Here are some things you need to know. The Popular Ways to Volunteer For Animals Do you want ...
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What Are the Primary Duties of a Volunteer at a Daycare Centre?

Are you looking for ways on how to use your time right and still contribute to the community? Why not consider a daycare centre in need of volunteers? Join a program where children, parents and caregivers will benefit from your company. Using your spare time to attend to the needs ...
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5 Ways How Overseas Volunteer Work Can Boost Your Resume

Summer is the perfect time to do many activities because it allows for more flexible schedules. When you travel abroad, you can do many activities, such as visit famous landmarks and try local cuisine. However, your activities aren't limited to these because you can also engage in volunteer work. Volunteering ...
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Medical Volunteering Abroad

What You Should Know About Medical Volunteering Abroad

Many people who work in the medical industry do so because they want to be able to help people who are sick. The problem is that job satisfaction in the industry is also decreasing, especially since the pandemic started. Some are getting exhausted, while others are simply looking for a ...
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volunteering at an orphanage

How You Can Make the Most of a Childcare Volunteering Program

It can be pretty exciting to be a part of a childcare volunteering program. You might get a little nervous, too, especially if this is your first time. Don’t worry because that’s completely normal. After all, you never know what you truly expect. Of course, our team at Volunteering Solutions ...
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man teaching in classroom

Answering a Higher Calling: Why Volunteer as a Teacher

We are told to seek something higher than ourselves. It does not necessarily mean that you will look for religion or a spiritual experience, but you can get a natural high from helping others. There is no nobler purpose than volunteer teaching. Just think of how many people could benefit ...
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volunteers and children

Essential Things to Know about Volunteering with Children

It’s one thing to say that you want to change the world, but something else entirely to do something about it. People who dedicate their time to volunteering demonstrate selfless devotion to their community. You can bet that you’re making a lasting difference in the lives of others. Of course, ...
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teaching in a classroom

Top 6 Reasons to Apply for an Internship in Thailand

Are you planning to explore an internship opportunity or volunteer abroad? You should consider applying for a program in Thailand. Thailand is one of the best destinations; it’s not just a fantastic vacation spot! Numerous international companies in all industries have a presence in Thailand, so you can get the ...
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volunteer program

3 Benefits of Volunteering That You Have to Know About

There's a good chance that you will find plenty of volunteer opportunities right in your own backyard, whether they're focused on your community or globally oriented. And remember, it's not just about expanding your horizons; it's about helping someone else. As interconnected as the world is today, it's hard to ...
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education volunteering

5 Amazing Skills You Can Learn Just by Volunteering

Some of us might think that volunteering is plain hard work with no money in return for our efforts. However, those involved in volunteer organisations or activities might disagree. Voluntary work is not always financially rewarding. In fact, you gain many benefits, aside from leaving a valuable mark by helping ...
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medical volunteering

The Importance of Medical Volunteering & Its Benefits

Medical volunteering is an important part of healthcare. It is a responsibility that we all must take on to improve the field of medicine globally. When a physician—a highly trained and specialised professional—volunteers to lend their time, knowledge, and expertise to communities in need, it has a remarkable impact on ...
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teaching kids in india

5 Reasons to Volunteer in India Now

When you volunteer to help others, you don't need a reason. You touch other people's lives, untangle their difficult situations, and help them believe in the world's goodness. No matter how small your step is, when you volunteer, you can significantly impact the lives of people who need your help ...
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Volunteering Abroad 101: 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

People learn a lot from making mistakes, but sometimes, they are simply too costly. For instance, when you volunteer abroad, some mistakes can ruin your experience and may offend others. If you want to ensure that you do volunteering right, here are some mistakes you should stay away from. 1 ...
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4 Tips You Can Follow To Discover The Perfect Internship

You might think that planning for a job next year while still in the middle of this year is still too early. However, hunting for opportunities is something that's never too early to do. Why? The earlier you start, the better the opportunities you'll find! That said, if you're looking ...
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volunteering abroad volunteering experience

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Consider Volunteering

Volunteering is a unique experience, a place where you can make memories that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. However, to make the most of your time, you should pick the right venue to volunteer—a place that also meets your goals, personality, availability and interests. Are ...
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4 Tips to Consider for Your First Volunteering Trip

If you’re thinking of volunteering overseas, you’ll want to be sure you’re investing your time and money in an organisation that is high quality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of organisations that do more harm than good. No one wants to be a part of an organisation like this, and ...
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volunteering in a hospital

4 Benefits of Volunteering in a Hospital

Volunteering in a hospital can be one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare yourself for a career in the health care field, and it can also help you gain an edge over other candidates when you are seeking a job. It can help you to better understand the roles ...
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volunteering abroad

5 Benefits of Volunteering in Building Vital Career Skills

Volunteerism is a trait most people do not get to practice or experience. But through volunteering programs, being a volunteer in another country abroad became an excellent way to extend help to other people in need. However, since volunteering is providing service without waiting for anything in return, most people ...
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Volunteering Trip

Tips to Consider Before Making Your First Volunteering Trip

If you're thinking of volunteering overseas, you'll want to be sure you're investing your time and money in a responsible and high-quality organisation. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with volunteer initiatives that cause more harm than good. No one wants to be a part of a program like this, and ...
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gap year Making a Difference by Volunteering

Making a Difference by Volunteering in the Post-Pandemic Times

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr. Are you in college and wondering what to do so that you can stand out in life? Or maybe feeling a bit too adventurous to ditch the regular path and do ...
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Gap Year in Asia thailand volunteer abroad project

Choose To Volunteer For Elephants During Your Gap Year In Asia

It may come as a surprise to many, but elephant volunteering is a highly popular gap year activity. High school and college students, as well as animal welfare enthusiasts, look for opportunities abroad to work for the conservation of wildlife, especially for these gentle giants. Asia (mainly the South and ...
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tanzania Earth Day 2022

Celebrate Earth Day 2023 By Volunteering For Environmental Conservation Programs

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental conservation and protection. It was first held on April 22, 1970.  A major shift happened in the year 1990 when Earth Day gave a ...
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corporate volunteering abroad Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Volunteering Abroad

Before we go deeper into why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important in today's date and the impact that Corporate Volunteering can make in society, we need to understand what CSR actually is. Well, to put it in layman's terms - CSR is not just an act of philanthropy, but ...
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volunteering abroad as a solo traveler

Here Are The Best & Safest Volunteering Destinations Abroad For Solo Travelers

So, you're thinking of setting out for your first solo adventure trip abroad! Let me tell you this, it's gonna be the best chapter of your life for sure, but I also know that it's not quite easy to step out of your comfort zone and go to a distant ...
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Volunteer In Australia

Reasons Why You Should Choose To Volunteer In Australia

To put it in the words of Lonely Planet, "Australia is the unexpected: a place where the world’s oldest cultures share vast ochre plains, stylish laneways and unimaginably blue waters with successive waves of new arrivals from across the globe." This Continent in the South is a treat for travelers ...
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volunteer abroad tips Elephant volunteering Thailand

10 Best Volunteer Abroad Tips That You Must Know

When you think of taking a break from your regular life, the obvious choice in most cases is to go for a vacation and chill out for a few days. It usually helps in unwinding our mind, relaxing our body, and fills us with energetic vibes that eventually encourage us ...
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plan my gap year responsible traveler

Plan My Gap Year – Let Us Help You Plan Your Gap Year For 2023

In today's date, when the level of competitiveness is on the rise and people are constantly trying to achieve higher goals, it has become quite common that they reach a state of saturation and seek peace from traveling to new destinations, experiencing offbeat stuff, and doing things that they’ve never ...
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Best Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2023

To put it in the words of Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Winter is almost here, and Spring isn't far behind. You might be stuck with thoughts about what to do during those 2 weeks of your break! Just imagine how wonderful it can be ...
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Winter Break Volunteer Programs Abroad

Everything You Must Know About Winter Break Volunteer Programs Abroad 2023

You've already wasted a lot of time dreaming about traveling to your favorite destination, but this entire Corona Pandemic has spoilt all your plans, we know! You thought several times about volunteering abroad, but for some reason or the other, your plans always got scrapped. Now, you have another golden ...
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online TEFL course

Reasons To Join An Online TEFL Course In 2023

There is a huge difference between being fluent in English and teaching it as a foreign language. There are certain hacks and tricks that one needs to master, in order to be an efficient English teacher. And in the last few years, there has been a rise in the demand ...
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Win A Free Trip

International Volunteering Day: Win A FREE Trip To A Secret Destination!

We are putting well on the map. Literally! December 5th is ‘International Volunteering Day’ and, to celebrate, we’re offering someone the opportunity to spend two weeks on one of our incredible volunteering programs - for free. The twist? The location is a complete secret and won’t be revealed until after ...
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An Open Letter To Those Who Plan To Volunteer Abroad

An Open Letter To Those Who Plan To Volunteer Abroad

To the one who's planning to travel & volunteer abroad, You're awesome, and you gotta know that! And here's my heartfelt gratitude (and immense respect) for signing up for something that isn't very common. Thank You - for deciding to share a hand of help and some love with those ...
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volunteer for a conservation project

10 Steps To Become A Volunteer For A Wildlife Conservation Project in 2023

If you’re the kind who’s always glued to the wildlife shows on the TV, it’s time to get up off your couch and get on a plane, to be a volunteer for a conservation project! Come to take a walk on the wilder side and bring along your zingy energy ...
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summer break 2021

Make Your Summer Break 2023 The Most Memorable One Ever!

"I know what you did last summer!" - Ah, well, just kidding! The pandemic literally kept us all indoors and we could barely enjoy the Summer of 2023! Now that winter is knocking on the doors and summer is just around the corner, you must also be wondering what new ...
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Short Term Volunteer Abroad

Top 7 Countries For Short Term Volunteering Abroad in 2023

One would surely counter the idea of learning about a country in a fortnight, and rightly so. After all, it is just not possible to understand a nation, which has been established and been growing for centuries, in just a couple of weeks. But who said you cannot brush through ...
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Volunteer Opportunities For College Students

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For College Students in 2023 – 2024

If you are a college student looking for an ‘Alternative Break’ program or taking a gap year to decide what next to do in life - then you should definitely consider volunteering abroad. And you should know that you aren’t alone in this. Thousands of students from all over the ...
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start planning for 2021

Where Are Volunteers Needed? Start Planning for 2023, Now!

For travelers like us, who are always craving to beat the mundane and aspire to see new places across the world while helping meaningfully as volunteers, this entire period of lockdown has been pretty tiresome. I've been contemplating when I can book another flight ticket and wake up in a ...
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Volunteer in Greece volunteer in Europe

Where To Travel & Volunteer In Europe In The Post-Pandemic Times?

The Coronavirus had put a pause to all our traveling! Back in March 2020, the European Commission recommended the Member States to shut down all EU ports of entry for non-EU/Schengen nationals as well as put a pause to cross-country travels. However, while restrictions will still prevail - more or ...
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volunteer in nepal everest-base-camp-trek-nepal

Nepal Is Reopening For International Travelers: Ready To Volunteer In Nepal?

If you have been dreaming of spending a few days in this Himalayan nation, gazing at the snow-clad peaks, gorging on delicious momos, and volunteering for a meaningful cause, serving the Nepalese society, then now is the time to plan and make things work. After two years of nearly zero ...
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summer volunteer abroad programs for 2018

Top Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2023 – 2024

Volunteering abroad endows you with the scope to travel and explore a country with the locals, and the experience you gather would last a lifetime. Summer is the best time for enthusiastic participants to set sail and travel abroad to volunteer. Most of high school, college or university students aim ...
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Where Can UK Volunteers Travel Abroad Right Now?

For a good chunk of 2021, Brits were totally forbidden from holidaying abroad. But as the UK continues to reopen, the country has finally lifted its blanket ban on foreign leisure trips. If you're a citizen of England, then you'd be delighted to know that the Brits are now allowed ...
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Volunteer in Greece volunteer in Europe

Why Should You Travel & Volunteer In Greece In 2023

To put it in the words of Lonely Planet, "Greece is ancient sun-bleached ruins piercing blue skies, the balmy Aegean lapping an endless coastline and a culture alive with passionate music, wonderful cuisine, and thrill-seeking activities." A country of dreams, Greece never fails to finds its place on every traveler's ...
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Corporate Volunteering volunteer abroad tips Volunteering Programs In Africa For 2021 - 2022

Discover Best Volunteering Programs In Africa For 2023 & 2024

Have you been dreaming of traveling to Africa but the pandemic had put a pause on all your desires? Well, we’re absolutely thrilled to tell you that most African nations have opened up their borders to international travelers and our volunteering programs have resumed already. We have also hosted a ...
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Volunteering In 2021

5 Amazing Ways To Make A Difference By Volunteering In 2023

There's no denial of the fact that 2020 & 2021 has been extremely difficult year for all of us, but if we pause and think - the coronavirus pandemic has surely taught us some valuable lessons that we'll all carry for the rest of our lives. It has taught us ...
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costa rica volunteer abroad

Where Can Americans Volunteer Abroad Now?

Haven't we all been wondering when we'll get another stamp on our beloved passports? If you, like us are contemplating exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu or teaching the little ones in an African school, then we are here to help you plan your epic adventure. With more and more ...
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Volunteer In Europe

Why Should You Choose to Volunteer in Europe in 2023?

Ah well, I'm sure that the moment you think of volunteering abroad, the first thoughts that come to your mind are about the malnourished kiddos of some African country or the underprivileged communities of Southeast Asia. Undoubtedly, these are the regions that definitely need considerable attention and a lot of ...
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5 Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica in Post-Pandemic Times

Known for its verdant coffee-plantation-covered hills and volcanic national parks, Costa Rica also has dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls, and roaring rivers that make it the ideal destination for travelers who love to explore the diverse landscapes. If you're wondering where to travel in the post-pandemic times, then you can ...
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Why Should You Volunteer In Ghana in 2018?

Why Should You Volunteer In Ghana in 2023?

If you are thinking of heading towards Africa in 2023, and haven't yet decided where exactly to go - then we would happily suggest you travel and volunteer in Ghana, in order to begin your African experience. While most of people would choose to visit the beaches of South Africa ...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling Abroad During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we were all locked up in our respective homes for months in 2020, we all hoped that 2021 would be more generous to people with itchy feet. Although the vaccination drives are in full swing, and more than 774 million people across the world have received their first dose, ...
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Medical Volunteering In Tanzania

6 Reasons To Take Up Medical Volunteering In Tanzania In 2023

In post-pandemic times, the world will surely need active volunteers who would be keen to step out and work selflessly for the welfare of others, living at the farthest corners of the Earth. Our volunteering programs in Tanzania are currently open. Visited often by wildlife enthusiasts and safari lovers, the ...
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volunteer in the post-pandemic times

Where To Volunteer In The Post-Pandemic Times?

As the world is slowly opening up and we are (kinda’) thinking to get back to the normal (Oops! NEW NORMAL is what they say!) - are you also contemplating about traveling overseas to volunteer for a meaningful program? Well, ‘coz if you are, then we’d love to host you ...
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Best Travel Tips For Post-Pandemic Volunteering Abroad

7 Best Travel Tips For Post-Pandemic Volunteering Abroad

Now that vaccination drives are in full swing across the globe, and the countries are also lifting the border restrictions, we're excited to host travelers who are keen to volunteer ...
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2021 Let’s take a quick look and understand what Saurabh Sabharwal, CEO - Volunteering Solutions, has to say about the fears & possibilities of Volunteer Tourism in the Post-Pandemic times.

Unravel Volunteer Travel: Fears & Possibilities in a Post-COVID-19 World

None of us ever imagined that we'd have to see a world like this! With the COVID-19 virus rampaging throughout the world causing people to shelter in their homes for most of the last few months, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Tourism Barometer showed a precipitous fall of 98%  in ...
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corporate volunteering abroad Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Differently: Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner

- “I’m planning a surprise for you.” - “What is it? Don’t make me anticipate about it.” - “We are going for a volunteering trip abroad and work with little ones there.” This sounds extremely good, isn’t it? 🙌😊 Well, even you can surprise your partner by planning something incredible ...
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Short-Term Volunteer Abroad Guidebook

Short-Term Volunteer Abroad – A Detailed Guidebook

To begin with a popular saying - "In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!" - and we couldn't agree more with this. Stuck in the regular chores of life, we all seek a break away from the monotony, in order to experience something ...
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Low Cost Volunteer Trip Abroad

Steps To Follow While Planning For A Low Cost Volunteer Trip Abroad

2020 has been an eye-opener for people across the world, and as we were all pushed to stay indoors, we definitely learned one thing - Life can't be taken for granted. Thus, when the pandemic woes come to an end, I'm sure that many of us, bitten by the wanderlust ...
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Volunteer In Asia in 2019

Best Volunteering Abroad Destinations In Asia For 2023 – 2024

Wondering how to experience a meaningful vacation in 2023 - 2024? There’s one set of people who might be thinking of traveling abroad to volunteer, but are not sure of where to go and what to do. There might be others who are still scared to travel alone and trying ...
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plan my gap year responsible traveler

How To Be A Responsible Traveler?

Now that the world has literally come to a standstill with all the nations emphasizing on social distancing and the WHO is constantly mentioning the importance of self-quarantine to combat the Corona Pandemic - it's time for us, the humans, to pause and think how we can be better with ...
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Summer Volunteer

Las mejores prácticas internacionales para 2023

Como de costumbre, "¡necesitas experiencia para ganar experiencia!" Esta parece ser una auténtica preocupación para los ‘millennials’ que comienzan a introducirse al mundo aboral. Los empleadores, hoy en día, prestan especial atención a los currículums que tienen un historial laboral relevante: puede ser una pasantía, unas prácticas, una beca, o ...
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Motivated While Volunteering Abroad

How to Be Motivated While Volunteering Abroad & Avoid Burnout

We know that it's not easy to travel abroad for a considerable period of time and give your valuable time & energy towards improving the lives of others. Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying to adapt to a new land needs a lot of mental effort while working ...
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volunteer work in Sri Lanka

Volunteer Work In Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive Guidebook

Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southern India, Sri Lanka is a true paradise with picturesque beaches, tropical jungles, enchanting waterfalls, magnificent hills, and stretches of tea plantation. The warm people of the island country will greet you with love, and make you feel at home in ...
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