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Pre-Med Volunteer Project Abroad

11 Recommended Pre-Med Volunteering Programs Abroad For 2018

If you are a pre-med student wondering how to gain first-hand work experience, then we have the perfect medical volunteering programs to offer you. Volunteering Solutions provides the best and affordable projects in 11 countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Peru and Costa ...
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Differences Between a Medical Volunteering & Medical Internship – Infographic

Interested in volunteering under a medical program abroad, but not sure which one to choose? This is one of the commonest conundrums that a volunteer face when deciding to take up medical volunteering abroad; especially, medical students and practitioners. Volunteering Solutions offer two separate categories of programs; 1). The Medical ...
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6 Reasons To Take Up Medical Volunteering In Tanzania

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness and the "Big 5" of the animal kingdom. Visited often by wildlife and safari lovers, the country is also in demand for health care volunteering projects along with medical internships. Volunteering Solutions presents a one of a kind of ...
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volunteer at hospitals

How to Volunteer at Hospitals | Volunteering Solutions

Many people have approached us to volunteer at hospitals and I am not talking about just the med-interns or doctors. We have regular professionals trying to help out. Although we (Volunteering Solutions) place only medical students and people already in the healthcare industry, we thought we should share some resources ...
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Medical Volunteering Tanzania

Top 3 Countries To Volunteer for Medical Program in Africa

Medical volunteering is among the few programs that have special requirements for interested participant. For most volunteer organizations, the requirements include age qualification which is at least 18 years old and the educational background in the field of medicine, nursing and other professions in the medical field. Participating in a ...
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