Transformations You Might See In You Post Volunteering Abroad

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Have you just completed a volunteering program abroad? Or are you leaving for one soon? Or maybe just planning for one? In any case, this article is a must read for you, as it will inform you on how your life is about to change; for the good.

Traveling abroad to volunteer under a project is something that gives you a lot to experience and learn. It is like a refresh button of your life that gives you an altogether new perspective towards life. From the years of knowledge and experience that Volunteering Solutions carry, here are some changes you can expect in you after volunteering abroad;



1. You become way more organized about life

Scheduling things have just become your routine. You may take some time to realize this change in you, but soon you will understand that you now execute things in priority. Also, you now have a better idea about what you want and what not in life; one of the most craved thing anyone would want.

2. You abandon even the thought of procrastination

Setting your alarm on snooze and getting late for work/college, keeping the task of fixing up your wardrobe for the weekend, and not making that important call in the family; all these will be the days of gone past. Procrastinating things is right out of your life now.

3. You start planning frequent volunteering trips abroad

Once done volunteering abroad, most of your international travel plans have volunteering stint as a part of the itinerary now. You even suggest your friends to travel along this time with you to volunteer abroad together as a team.

4. The idea of traveling alone doesn’t sounds bad to you now

And, even if none of your friends are available to travel with you, it does not stops you from finalizing your plan to travel. It hardly matters to you anymore if you have a companion for a trip or not; you will travel anyway. In fact, you might prefer traveling alone.

5. You take a more positive approach towards life

After staying out of the comforts of your home, you now understand the importance of having your own space. Spending time with the underprivileged during your project, you have more respect to whatever little or more you have in life. All you want to do is to seek happiness in every little thing now.  

6. Your love and affection for nature increases multiple folds

While volunteering abroad you get the opportunity to witness some of the best forms of preserved natural habitats. The beautiful landscapes filled with lush green rainforests, snowcapped mountains, and amazing wildlife; a stellar of fauna and flora. All this make you realize how beautiful our surroundings can be if filled with nature’s gifts.

7. You make attempts of cooking dishes of different countries

It’s more than a week that you are back home from a volunteering trip abroad, but the taste of some of the most sumptuous delicacies, you had the opportunity to try,  still persists on your  palates. So much so that, you are mostly on YouTube now to learn how to prepare these delicacies at home.

8. Insects and spiders do not freak you out anymore. Not instantly at least!

After all those days that you spent at the Wildlife Conservation Project site in South Africa, spending days and nights amidst Lions. Or, the weeks that you spent with the Elephants in Surin during your time at Elephant village in Thailand,  your perspective towards the wildlife has changed massively.

9. You learn to pack reasonably for a trip

Gone are the days of those typical family vacations which had 4 people and 10 luggage. Packing according to your needs is the most sensible way of traveling abroad, and you have just mastered the art of it.

10. You don’t hesitate anymore in approaching a stranger to start a conversation

Meeting a number of people from different parts of the world, as your fellow volunteer mates, and the natives of the destination you are volunteering at; it was no choice but to converse with them, then. But, it has become a factor of ease and interest for you to start a conversation with anyone you may have recently met. You no more hold yourself back to take the initiative.

It is interesting to see how a single trip abroad can change your life so much, but the reality is, that it does. It is very much possible that you may already had some or may be all of these qualities in you from the beginning, but the fact still remains that volunteering abroad bring out the ‘you’ in you. Have you experienced any of these transformations after volunteering abroad? Share your experience with us.

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