5 Unique Benefits of Volunteering for A Wildlife Project in South Africa

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Volunteering has its own share of excellent benefits. Whether an individual or his family is engaged in volunteering, the pros can outweigh the significant cons in a larger way than possible.

One might think, why shall I volunteer when I don’t find time for my family? The answer to this question lies in the 5 unique benefits that volunteering can bring in your life, especially when the project is in South Africa!

Volunteering abroad, especially South Africa, allows the volunteers to encounter ‘true Africa’ as they work next to each other with local people in rural and underprivileged communities. On the more, they get the right set of circumstances to be close to the Africa’s astounding untamed life.

Volunteering for a wildlife project in South Africa opens the golden door of opportunity for volunteers to experience the unseen.


Most are associated with natural life (wildlife) protection, in any case, assisting with genuine research in the savannah, following, and tapping, gathering information, bringing map sightings with GPS and going on evening time safaris. Securing environments, checking species and overlooking the present reality in the most awesome way.

So here are 5 surprisingly unique benefits of Volunteering for wildlife conservation in South Africa:

1. You are helping to promote Biodiversity and Ecotourism

The Savannah lands present in South Africa are inhabited by a number of wildlife species; including the famous BIG 5 of Africa. As a responsible tourist, it becomes our responsibility to not just relish these jungles but also contribute to their survival in every way possible.  

By volunteering for the wildlife program in South Africa, you provide a useful support in promoting ecotourism and maintaining our biodiversity. Nowhere else would you get such an opportunity to make a difference while reaping every common travel benefit.

2. You get to make some unusual friends

Have you ever imagined yourself playing around with cuddly little cubs in African jungles? Not even in the Jumanji, I suppose!

South Africa wildlife volunteering project allows you to actually experience this; and more. A platform where you not only work for the welfare and preservation of the African wild but also get to understand their daily lifestyle, get close to them and befriend them.

Making friends with humans is too passe!

3. You can learn new languages

 Meeting new people in South Africa can expose you to learn about 11 official languages that they use in their day to day lives. It is the second most toured and economically growing state in the southern part of Africa. The 11 official languages are – Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu.

4. Volunteering Programs Greatly Help

 Are you bored with the usual humdrum in life? Do you want to find out your different skills and creativity? VolSol gives you this amazing volunteer opportunity in South Africa that’d help you gain immense international working experience and exposure.

You don’t have to be a student of zoology to be a part of the wildlife volunteering project in Port Elizabeth. In fact, by the time you get done with your placement, you’ll notice a great interpersonal and professional changes in yourself.

5. A Once In A Lifetime Experience that you can have multiple times

Amusing!? The pun was intended. While, there are extraordinary experiences of life that are often tagged as ‘once in a lifetime’, here is one such extraordinary experience that can very well be put in the same category; however, being a volunteer program, one has the leverage to experience the same as many time as they wish to.

All one has to do is to register for the program, pack their bags, and leave for the magnificent country of South Africa.

So, what are you waiting for!? Book your spot for the wildlife volunteer program in South Africa now and enjoy African tourism at its best.

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