What Makes India The Most Preferred Volunteering Destination?

calendar_today April 2, 2018
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Are you willing to volunteer and can’t decide which country to visit? Have you thought about what you actually want to do in your volunteering program? If not yet, then just make a list of the things you want to do in your volunteering program and the places you wish to visit and I can assure without going through the list that India is the best fit for you and it will cover all the points of your volunteering plans of exploring new culture and helping those who need it most.

You may be thinking what exactly makes India the best suit for you, so here are some points which tell you what makes India the aptest destination for volunteering

1. Diverse Culture – As India is known for its cultural diversity, you can explore its various customs and traditions followed in every part of the country and the scientific reasons behind it. India is the only country where people greet their elders by touching their feet, it’s not only about showing respect to them but it also about transferring positive thoughts and energy. There are a lot more interesting facts about India which you can explore while visiting the different parts of the country. 

2. Appealing Food – Indian food is always known for its spiciness but actually each region has its own palette of flavors and dishes attuned to people’s habits and tastes. Like in South India one can find the flavor of coconut in almost every dish, whereas Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet and in north dishes are bit salty and served with wide varieties of spices. Indian cuisine offers equal options for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians and one can easily entice with Indian food on getting the dishes as per their taste bud.


3. Affectionate People – Indians are the most adaptable and friendly people with an open heart, you can easily understand their feeling by looking in their eyes. As India is a developing country every day new buildings, malls and cars are becoming part of people’s high living standards. On the other side, there are kids who are struggling with their daily food and education, women get mistreated and patients remain untreated due to the scarcity of doctors. They are several NGOs working in such areas willing more people to contribute to bringing smiles on those little orphan kids and women.


4. Historic Places – On visiting India you can discover the ancient history by looking at the architectures of decade old monuments, temples and forts. Also, you can have the opportunity to see the jewel of Muslim art – the Taj Mahal included in the list of seven wonders of the world. Another great location that you can visit is Dharamshala, where Dalai Lama lived, the center of the Tibetan exile world in India, surrounded by dense forests and hills, which offers great volunteering and internship options.

5. Artisan Handicrafts – India is famous for its art, handicraft and textile and a big exporter of fabrics like silk and pashmina other handmade products like jute bags, ceramic, pottery, candles, footwear, basket, etc. In places like Delhi Haat, you can buy some memorable stuff of Indian art and handicraft like puppets, carpets, seashell ornaments, metalware, etc. You may feel like packing the whole of India in your bag and take back.


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