Things To Do In Australia While Volunteering

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What would come to your mind when you hear the name, Australia!? Kangaroos, Opera House (Sydney), Melbourne Cricket Ground, and definitely… AC/DC. Yes, that’s what bolsters this uber cool and magnificent country. But trust me you, above mentioned are just the highlights of what all there is at offer. Australia has always remained a dream destination for many travellers across the globe; volunteering in this magical land simply opens the door to explore the ‘unexplored’.

1. Sydney Opera House

The tank house of art and culture, that’s the simplest way to define this enthralling piece of architecture. A classified UNESCO world heritage site, SOH is considered one of the sites that put Australia famously on the globe. Visiting Australia and not exploring this venue makes your travel incomplete.

Sydney Opera House Australia  

2. Beaches

It is said that when the Australians plan to ‘go away’ for summer holidays, most of the crowd heads to the beaches. With a whopping 11000 plus beaches marking a coastal periphery of nearly 37000kms of the country, you can hit a beach within an hour’s time no matter in which part of the land you are.

Beaches in Australia

3. Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven ‘natural wonders’ of the world, this 2300 kms long piece of serenity is sheer breath-taking one. The mesmerizing aquatic life it sustains within itself is to be blamed to hypnotize you and capture your senses. Now, you simply don’t get to swim along with a dolphin every day, do you?

great_barrier_reef Australia

4. Australian Food

Australia is not just a place for nature admirers but also is a huge foodie’s paradise as well. From a platter of fish and chips to hot barbecued meat, there is no dearth for someone to get gluttony. The famous Pavlova is one of the iconic deserts of Australia. Who would have thought that volunteering in Australia can have such mouthwatering ‘consequences’?

Australian food

5. Uluru

Also known as the Ayers Rock, this bludgeoning piece of sandstone rock stands firm in the wilderness of Kata Tjuta national park of central Australia.  Very few know that this tall natural structure initially sat at the bottom of the sea, which now stands firm at 348m above ground.

uluru Australia

These are just a few to name amongst the endless list of spots and activities one can experience while volunteering in Australia. If this doesn’t excites you to pack your bags and board the flight to this wonderful country…… Google more, may be that might evoke you (pun intended).

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