10 Things To Do In Ghana While Volunteering


Ghana is a beautiful country to volunteer and Tamale is a bustling town to visit. Away from the overcrowded terrains, Tamale is the perfect destination to volunteer which will give you the Ghanaian taste of life but in a quieter atmosphere when compared to Accra.

While you are volunteering here, check out these fun activities to take up during weekends or your free time.

1. Rent A Bicycle

Tamale is a beautiful city and the best way to explore it is through bicycle rides. One of the most bike-friendly region in the northern part of Ghana, cycling is a must try option while in Tamale. It is good to ride during light traffic hours to enjoy and also keep safe.

bicycle rides in ghana


2. Explore Wildlife

Ghana is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife and the Mole National Park and Bui National Park stand as a testimony to this fact. A visit to these parks is definitely called for while volunteering in Tamale, Ghana.


3. Taste The Local Food

From delectable rice dishes to spicy soups and deep-fried dishes such as Kosu, Akpale, and Fonfom, Ghanian food is refreshingly different and delicious.

Taste local food in ghana


4. Take A Sunbath

There is fun alternative to fretting about the hot weather of Ghana – it is taking that long due sunbath in Ghana.


A woman takes sun bath on the Rome?s nea


5. Take Drumming Lessons

The Ghanaian music is fun, vibrant peppy. Immerse yourself in the culture and learn a drum beat or two. Enroll for short-term drum lessons and show off your drumming skills back home.


drum lesson in Ghana

6. Take Dancing Lessons

Compliment your drumming skills with some dancing and take up a short-term dancing course while volunteering in Tamale. Dancing classes are the best way to perk up your weekends while you are volunteering in Tamale, Ghana.

dancing lesson in Ghana


7. Visit The Larabanga Mosque

Constructed in the 13th century, this is one of the holiest and purest places of Tamale. Often touted as the “Mecca of West Africa”, visit the mosque to explore the religious fervor of Tamale.


Visit The Larabanga Mosque in ghana



8. Explore Markets And Handicraft Centers

The central market and the handicraft centers of Tamale offer some very local products and can be bought as souvenirs.  From jewelry to hand-made goods, buying from the local markets would not only give you something to remember about Ghana but also pump money into the economy.


Explore Markets And Handicraft Centers in Ghana


9. Pay A Visit To The Witch Camps Of Tamale

The women who are outcast and have been declared a “witch” live in these camps. You can interact with these women and get to know the other side of Ghana. The Gambaga camp is one of them.


Pay A Visit To The Witch Camps Of Tamale in ghana


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