Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana is one of VolSols most popular volunteer destinations in Africa. One of the main reasons for this are the varied project options offered in Ghana. From volunteering for children at local schools, to helping in community development programs; volunteers have a wide range of volunteering opportunities in Ghana.

Adding to the list of volunteer programs in Ghana are medical and healthcare, Sports coaching, and girl education volunteering. All placements are offered in the city of Tamale.

The NGOs and social development organizations we partner with have a manpower crunch and logistical issues, even a hand in the construction and repair work is much appreciated. Our program is flexible to accommodate multiple skills, provided that you want to use them.

Apart from the volunteer work, life in Ghana is relaxed and easy. By spending time with the locals you will learn about their elaborate festivals, the local cuisine comprising of Banku and Fufu - Ghana's most famous dishes, their colorful dresses and the music and dances.

Our programs in Ghana have been very successful and the volunteers have made significant impact in the lives of local Ghanaian communities. Download free guidebook of Ghana to get more details.

Affordable Volunteer Programs in Ghana

  • 2 Weeks Special
    Short Term Volunteer in Ghana | 2 Week Special

    2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel

    This is a unique opportunity for those looking to take a short volunteer trip as well as learn and explore about this beautiful West African country....

  • Community Development
    Volunteer Projects in Ghana for Community Development

    Community Development Project

    Volunteers working in the Community Development Project work in village communities located 15-20 kms outside the city of Tamale. Our volunteers have been working with...

  • Sports Coaching
    Sports Volunteering in Ghana | Football Coaching

    Football Coaching

    Ghana's national sport is Football and the country's interest in the game is at an all time high given the successful performance of the team in the 2010 World Cup....

  • Volunteer Adventure Tours
    Ghana Volunteer Adventure - Ghana Summer Volunteer Program 2017

    Ghana Volunteer Adventure 2017

    Akwaaba! Welcome, that’s what it would be for you in Ghana. The land never fails to mesmerize its international travellers. Ghana is famous for its exotic wildlife, historic castles and a golden coast. Whet your city touring appetite in Accra and Tamale.

  • Teaching
    Volunteer Girls Teaching Program Ghana

    Girls Education Program

    The mission of this project is to help young disadvantaged females living in urban village around Tamale. Volunteers work in a school whose main motto is to educate.....

  • Medical Volunteering
    Medical Volunteer Project in Ghana

    Medical Healthcare Program

    The Healthcare facilities in Ghana are not very widespread and due to extreme poverty many people are still unable to avail of the basic medical facilities.

  • Childcare
    Orphanage & Childcare Volunteer in Ghana

    Orphanage Program

    Volunteering with children in an orphanage is the most rewarding experience for volunteers. Volunteers work alongside the existing staff to care for the children in ...

  • Teaching
    Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

    Teaching Program

    Volunteers are placed in urban and rural communities in and around the project locations where they would teach English as well as other subjects to the local children.

Ghana Volunteer Videos

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