Best Volunteering Opportunities To Work For Women Empowerment Projects


Women are the pillars of our society and, must be provided the freedom and respect they deserve. The development of this gender in recent decades has shown that they have no less potential than their counterparts. However, there are still sections of women who are struggling to come out from the evils of poverty, illiteracy, and abuse. Volunteering Solutions is diligently working with NGOs who provide support for such women under skill development programs and through basic education . You, too, can be a part of these efforts and help empowering these women. The listed projects includes;

Girls Education Program – Ghana


Works on the motto based on famous African proverb, “When you educate a boy, you educate one person. But when you educate a girl, you educate an entire community”.

 Volunteers work in the urban village area of Tamale at local schools.

 Assisting teachers in taking regular classes, or take separate classes for girls.

 An opportunity to work from the grassroots level in developing the education system in Ghana.

 Volunteers need not have a professional teaching degree to attend this program.

Women Empowerment Program – Morocco


 Lot of women, from the poor communities in and around Morocco, are uneducated and abused, despite significant efforts made by local administrations.

 Several local NGOs in Morocco work for the betterment of these women.

 Volunteering Solutions help placing volunteers with these NGOs to help support this act of humanitarian work.

 Volunteers can help by teaching, providing awareness on women’s rights, reproductive health, land rights, domestic violence and more.

 Several useful skills can also be taught to these women; such as, sewing, painting, cooking, computer and other skills which can help them in their daily lives.

Note: A basic level knowledge of Arabic or French language is preferable. Volunteers can, also, learn to speak basic Arabic/French while in their program.


Women Empowerment Program – India


 Women from poor family background do not get proper education.

 Volunteers take part in programs that are dedicated to educate such women.

 Volunteers also teach English language to girls from the age group of 16-20 to support their future career options.

 Guidance for a proper nutritional and wholesome diet can be shared with these women.

 Volunteers can assist the local staff in conducting adult literacy classes for women.

 Computer classes can also be conducted for these women.


Volunteering Solutions also provide NGO Support Program in Cambodia where in volunteers can be placed under women empowerment project as well, if interested. To know more on women empowerment projects and details regarding the same, speak with our program advisor today at [email protected].  

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