Volunteer In A Childcare Program This Children’s Day


November 20th, the day when the world celebrates joy, happiness, and betterment of children all over the globe. Incorporated by the assembly of the United Nations in 1954, the Universal Children’s Day is an event that is observed every year in consortium with UNICEF, who also takes care of children’s welfare projects. This day is marked, basically, to signify the importance of every child and their rights in our society. Volunteering Solutions, too, support the fact that every child is special and deserves the correct opportunity to make the most of their life.  

It is for this, that Volunteering Solutions offer several different projects in different parts of the world to support for the welfare of the kids. Here are some of such projects which you, too, can be a part of this children’s day and make a huge difference:

Childcare Orphanage Program

Childcare volunteer abroad project with volunteering solutions

Volunteers work at day care centers established for orphan children. This is the opportunity for the volunteers to get close with the children, understand the challenges in their lives, and make sure they overcome each of these challenges and learn to stay strong.


Street Children Program

Work in street children volunteer program

The kids under this project are a bunch of adolescents who have lost their parents or have been discarded by their families due to extreme poverty. Such children are forced to work on streets and live by the roads. There are several social welfare organizations who provide shelter, food, and basic necessities of life to these children but need immense volunteer support due to lack of funds. Volunteers can choose to work for this program, provided by VolSol in various different regions to make a better future of these kids.  


Disabled Care Program

Disabled care volunteer work

This volunteer project caters for the development and welfare of children who are not just without a family but also incomplete in certain ways. Such children are specially abled and need utmost care, love, and affection. Past volunteers who have worked with such children have had the best of experiences to share. It is astonishing to see the determination and zeal in these special kids to learn and grow in life and make a mark; you can certainly provide a helping hand to them in achieving their goals.


Teaching Abroad Program

Volunteer teaching work with volsol


While all the above projects include teaching as a part of it, this is one volunteer program which is dedicated towards teaching and promoting education for children. Volunteers can play a huge role in providing essential learning to the kids, both, conventional and extra-curricular.


Some Astonishing Facts About Children’s Day

And if you are still wondering as to why welfare of children around the world is important, here is a list of certain facts that will help you decide;

  According to a 2013 report by the UNICEF, there are close to 170 million children around the world, falling in the age bracket of 5 to 17 years who are indulged in child labor.

  Pneumonia is considered to be the foremost reason for deaths in children under 5 years of age, signifying the lack of hygiene awareness and education about diseases.

  Roughly 69 million children across the globe are still deprived of proper education due to several different reasons; such as, poverty, gender discrimination, child labor, etc.

While all these are the bitter realities of our society and conditions of underprivileged kids living in it, we hope and endeavor to make a paradigm shift in these conditions and make this society a better and merrier place for these kids to live in. And it is only possible with handsome support of volunteers like you. So, register for a volunteer program TODAY and make this children’s day a special one for the special ones!

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