Things To Do In Sri Lanka While Volunteering

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With an amalgamation of rich cultural background, deep wildlife, scintillating marines, mind-blowing cuisines, warm and welcoming people, and abundance of historical evidence; the majestic land of Sri Lanka is most agreeably the Wonder of Asia.

With a population of just above 20 million, Sri Lanka makes a perfect abode for travelers looking for a silent solace. As a country, there are many volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka that one can get involved in.

It is a double treat for anyone planning to travel to Sri Lanka if they get a chance to interact with the locals while giving a helping hand in building up the community. Here is a list of things one can enjoy doing while Volunteering in Sri Lanka;

Surrender to nature

Natural beauty of Sri Lanka


Sky blue water bodies, plush green mountain ranges and hilltops, robust yet beautiful waterfalls; the pristine view of nature’s carving on the canvas of this land is simply awe-inspiring and admirable. The Adam’s Peak, the Ravana falls, Mt. Pedro, Devon Falls and some exotic beaches in Galle are all there to play with your senses.


Wildlife at its best



The forests of Sri Lanka are known for giant elephants, especially, but the specialty does not end here.  Walk through the Yala national park or take a jeep safari at Minneriya National Park, and you will see the richness of wildlife species found in the forests of Sri Lanka. For a wildlife enthusiast, Sri Lanka is a perfect place to wander the jungles and admire the beautiful beasts.


Take a dip of adventure



An island nation colloquially means a lot of adventure activities. Of course, one might not pick Sri Lanka in the first place when deciding upon a destination for adventure sports, but don’t let the subtle image of this mystique country deceive you. One can find all sorts of enthralling activities to indulge in, that includes, rafting, kayaking, surfing, hiking, hot air balloon ride, scuba and much more.


Explore the rich culture

Sri lanka dance form


For once, it may seem unreal, but the small Tamilian region of Sri Lanka has a vast background of historical culture and social essence, tracing almost 3000 years back. The architectural designs from the years of yore, maintained to its tip even today, shows the significance they carry in the chapter of Sri Lanka’s history. The country has been spread with followers of Buddhism, as well, to a pretty noticeable extent. Cricket, although a sport (and not just any other sport, but the most loved), is kind of a cult religion in Sri Lanka and brings together the entire nation at the time of a tournament.


Food and Festivals

Sri Lankan food
Source: kb photography blog


Yes, you thought it correct!! Fish & rice are one of the key ingredients and the staple participant in the recipes from Sri Lankan kitchens. Coconut milk, rice, chicken and lots of spices make the delicacies served in Sri Lanka mouth watering. The Sinhala-Tamil New year is the largest festival celebrated in the region, amongst a number of others. Kokis, a fried crispy rings’ preparation, is commonly made during this festival. The Kandy Esala Perahera, the largest cultural parade in the world, is another huge extravaganza celebrated in the island nation of Sri Lanka.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your volunteer trip to Sri Lanka today. To know more about Sri Lanka volunteer projects, simply drop in a mail at [email protected]


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