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In this 21st Century, the concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has grown immensely and several multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, KPMG, PwC, etc are encouraging their employees to actively participate in CSR programs. This is not just to make an impact on society and help the underprivileged people, but also for the growth of the employees who end up gaining a wider worldview while working at the grassroots level.

To put in simpler words, Corporate Volunteering Abroad is the best way to keep the employees motivated, help them to work on their skills beyond the office cubicles, connect more with their peers and enjoy a few days doing something different. Also, as a team, they’ll get to contribute towards the well being of others and thus, experience immense satisfaction which might otherwise lack while they work sitting in front of the screens!

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Corporate Volunteering and what impact it has on the employees!

Being an employer, one must know that the company runs on the efforts of the employees and who have their individual sets of emotions and motivations, satisfaction as well as dissatisfactions. Being humans, the employees do suffer from stress and are not able to perform up to the mark at times. Thus, giving them a break and encouraging them to take part in something as incredible as volunteering would make a lot of difference.

Leadership Development

In the office set-up, there’s usually a hierarchy which is followed and respected. But when the team sets out for a volunteer program, there’s no such distinction between the boss and the manager and the intern! Everyone is at the same level, getting their hands dirty and working together for a bigger goal. This, in a way, gives a chance for developing leadership skills to all.

You never know, your intern might be extremely good in communications and deal with the locals while volunteering for a community program. Each one will give their best towards the program, make quick decisions to solve situations of crisis. Some of them will be surprised seeing themselves, as they will get to figure out that given the opportunity – they can also be leaders who can multitask and stretch their limits to an extent that they never knew about.

More Engaging Relationships Among All

As mentioned earlier, a volunteering trip will definitely encourage all employees to mingle together and create a better bond among themselves. Not just that, but it’ll also enhance the relationship between the employers and the employees.

Inside the office, the marketing team would seldom talk to the sales team – but at the volunteering site, there’s no such team distinction – and everyone has to work together, aiming for a common goal. This would inculcate a sense of gratitude among all, which they’ll carry even after they’re back to their regular work schedule.

Team Building & Skill Exchange

volunteer travel in portugal

There can be no better strategy for Team Building other than this! During this journey, all the team members will travel together, work on new projects in different roles, as well as share their leisure moments. Even big companies, like SalesForce, has created an Employment Engagement Program, where employees can decide when, where and for what cause they wish to volunteer.  Microsoft, on the other hand, has designed this program called Skills4Africa Initiative, which encourages employees to contribute their time towards projects aiming at building a better future for Africa.

Volunteering abroad increases communication among the employees, and there’s immense scope for peer learning and skills exchange. Also, when they can relate to the cause they’re working for, it’s even better!

Doing Something ‘Out-Of-The-Box’

Sitting in the cubicles, doing the same set of work for months might put a pause to the creative power of the employees. Even if they aren’t physically tired, they would be mentally worn out and not be as productive as expected from them.

A volunteer project would encourage them to break free from the shackles of the four walls and do something that’s totally different from their regular work schedule. It would give them a chance to use their creativity and trust their gut feelings, whenever needed!

A Refreshing Learning Journey!

While seminars and conferences do provide a lot of scope for learning, a volunteer trip would turn out to be the most refreshing learning journey ever! By the end of the trip, everyone will be supercharged, turned into more humble & compassionate people with less anxiety & stress.

Let’s take a look at the best volunteering programs meant for corporate groups.

NZ 1 week

Volunteering Solutions has a wide range of programs that aim towards creating a positive impact on society as well on the participants who take time out of their busy schedule to work for the betterment of others. We understand that employees do not have the liberty to spend 3-4 weeks volunteering abroad or locally, hence, we provide tailor-made programs for corporate groups. 

One Week Volunteer Abroad Programs

If you’re planning to take your team out for a week’s time, then we have some amazing programs curate for you! No matter whether you are looking for a trip to Asia or Africa or maybe Australia, we have it all. These volunteer programs are meant essentially for those who have a time crunch, and would perfectly suit the corporate employees. One can get a chance to work with toddlers at childcare centers or be a part of a conservation program. There would be time to explore the destination as well. This week will just pass by the wink of an eye, and no matter how small your contribution might seem, your efforts will be well appreciated.

2 Weeks’ Special Voluntours

For those who’re planning for a 2 weeks’ trip, this would be the ultimate choice! Not only will you get to volunteer, but there will be ample scope of traveling during the weekends. These projects are curated keeping in mind the needs of the community as well as the desires of a traveler. In a span of just 2 weeks, make a difference in the lives of strangers who aren’t as blessed as you are and experience an incredible holiday with your colleagues.

Community Development Programs

Volunteering Abroad Experience

Perfect for corporate volunteering, these community development projects are available in South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, The Philippines, Uganda, Ghana, Morocco & Thailand. Each of the projects focuses on helping the underprivileged communities, and volunteers would get the opportunity to take part in educational programs for children, take up renovation and building work, work with local NGOs in areas of gender empowerment, microfinance, and organize awareness drives. 

Construction and Building Volunteer Programs

Take your team for the Construction & Building projects, where they can play an active role in building houses, schools, community clubs and more. Not only will this help the host communities, but you’ll also get to learn a lot from this program and also enhance the relationship among the teammates working together for a common cause. There can surely be nothing more satisfying than making a difference in someone else’s life. Our Program Supervisor will be there, who’ll assist and guide you, telling you what work needs to be done, and how you can offer your best help in the situation. 

If you are a business owner, HR Manager or representative who wants to be part of the corporate volunteering programs abroad or locally, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall be glad to offer you the best tailor-made opportunities that would suit your employees/ teams.

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