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Corporate Volunteering Opportunities Abroad

With the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR, many multinationals have started to send out their staff for different volunteer activities. Different companies adopt different volunteer programs and activities, sometimes according to their business type and other times on their staff skills and preference.

For working professionals international corporate volunteering programs are a very practical way to make a positive impact in the world society. But what is Corporate Volunteering? It is definitely not a new concept and has been around for years; however, with CSR making to the headlines, Corporate Volunteering has gained much importance. Corporate Volunteering is when an employer- a multinational, global corporation, start up, small or medium level business or even an individual business owner, sends out its staff or employees for voluntary services, like teaching abroad, taking care of orphans, participating in community development projects etc.

Corporate Volunteering programs are a great way for individuals who are just starting off on their careers to make a meaningful change locally or globally. Employees get great exposure and become one with reality, giving them a balanced perspective on life. Corporates usually participate in local community development activities and projects, but in the recent years they have started sending out their employees on volunteer abroad programs. While it is easier for multinationals who have multiple offices spread across the world to send their employees on volunteer abroad projects, many small and medium level organizations and startups have also started doing the same.

Microsoft, Salesforce and PwC are some big players who leverage corporate volunteering activities to engage their employees effectively. 
Multinationals like Accenture, GE, Cognizant etc, work more on the local level and on environmental projects to make an impact through CSR.

What companies gain from corporate volunteering?

  • Most valuable yet underused, staff and employees of a company bring great skills to the table. That is professionals directly helping out NGOs and social welfare organizations free of cost.
  • Employers get to build staff skills where freshers and even old employees learn and develop leadership, organizational and teamwork skills.
  • This is important for employers because of its high relevance in brand engagement and employee engagement exercise.

Volunteering Solutions realizes the power of corporate volunteering and the positive impact it can have on the world community. We have placed few corporate groups on volunteer abroad programs. The choice till date has been working for the disabled, teaching and taking care of children at orphanages and community development projects. We understand that employees do not have the liberty to spent 3-4 weeks volunteering abroad or locally, hence, we provide tailor made programs for corporates. If you are a business owner or representative who wants to be part of the corporate volunteering programs abroad or locally get in touch with us. 

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