With the phenomenon of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR catching up, many multinational corporates such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and PwC among several others are encouraging their workforce to actively participate in CSR projects. A meaningful and impactful way for professionals to make a difference in the social sector, Corporate Volunteering is also an effective way for employers to build staff skills. Both freshers and experienced employees can learn how to develop leadership, organizational and teamwork skills. With such benefits of corporate social projects, medium-sized enterprises, start-ups along with global giants have begun working on them. This, in turn, is serving the dual purpose of benefiting both the local communities as well as the workforce. 

Volunteering Solutions, thus, realizes the power of corporate volunteering and the positive impact it can have on the world community. We have placed a few corporate groups on volunteering projects. The choice till date has been working for the disabled, teaching and taking care of children at orphanages and community development projects. We understand that employees do not have the liberty to spend 3-4 weeks volunteering abroad or locally, hence, we provide tailor-made programs for corporates. If you are a business owner or representative who wants to be part of the corporate volunteering programs abroad or locally, feel free to drop us an email at info@volunteeringsolutions.com 

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